Written by Scarlett Murray,
20th March 2023

When comparing ratings of Greek islands, Kefalonia, the largest of the Ionian islands, came out on top. It received a full five stars for beaches, food & drink, scenery, and peace and quiet.  

Kefalonia scored a total of five stars for scenery!

More than 1,000 Which? readers were asked to rate their favourite Greek islands. It may surprise you to learn Kefalonia took the number one spot. Indeed, the celebrity studded Mykonos came in last, at number ten.

A table listing the order of Greek islands.

A table of “the best and worst Greek islands”, source: Which?

The islands were compared and scored on the following: beaches, food & drink, accommodation, tourist attractions, scenery, shopping, peace and quiet, and value for money. Then, each island was given an overall score. Kefalonia scored an impressive 85%. At joint second, Skiathos and Lefkada received 84%. Sadly, for Mykonos, it scored 55%, quite a long way off the island above it, Santorini, with 74%.

While the readers were rating the islands as a holiday destination, the ratings are a great source of intel for those thinking of purchasing a property in Greece, especially if you are not quite set on where in Greece you would like to own a home.

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Tell me more about Kefalonia

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands at 800 sq.km. The island is so stunning that it served as the setting for Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (2000), starring Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz. Outside of posing for the camera, Kefalonia is also known for its beautiful beaches, pretty villages, and fascinating caves. From June to July, you can expect temperatures touching 30 degrees and up to twelve hours of sunshine a day. The coldest month is January, with highs of 14°C. While Kefalonia does have an international airport, you will have trouble getting a direct flight outside of May to October. You can grasp this as a chance to hop around Greece, either by air or sea.

Which categories did Kefalonia score highly in?

Kefalonia scored a total of five stars in four categories. They were the only island to have five stars in four categories.



Magnificent Myrtos.

Kefalonia received a total of five stars for its beaches. Incredibly, only Skiathos also had five stars. Kefalonia has a total of forty-two beaches and many of them have been awarded a Blue Flag for excellence. The most famous beach is Myrtos, it is family-friendly, pebbled beach, with the most amazing turquoise waters. Myrtos is surrounded by steep cliffs, framing the water in a dramatic and affecting way. Mytros is one of the most photographed places in all of Greece. Inside tip: head to the west to see the sun set.

Foki Fiskardo

Pretty Foki Fiskardo.

Furthermore, Foki Kefalonia is visually impressive in a different way. It is surrounded by a forest of olive trees, which gives the beach a touch more shade than you would find elsewhere.

Kefalonia is the home to the highest mountain in all of the Ionian Islands, Mount Ainos.

Food & drink

Kefalonia food

Time to tuck in!

Kefalonia also received a full five stars for food and drink. Wine production dates back centuries in Kefalonia; so, if you fancy a tipple, Kefalonia is the place to go. The Robola Cooperative winery offers wine-tasting and even has a small museum.

Kefalonia is a fantastic place to find traditional Greek dishes, made with the freshest ingredients.

Tassia Restaurant was the first to open in the small traditional village of Fiscardo, it is known for its scrumptious seafood and cooking with vegetables from their very own garden.

While Kefalonia does not offer hedonistic wild nights out like Mykonos, it does offer some lovely beach bars, where you can grab a cocktail and giggle the night away.

If food and drink is a priority for you, but you are not sold on Kefalonia, these islands also scored five stars: Lefkada, Crete, Corfu and Kos.


Melissani lake

Stunning scenery.

Kefalonia boasts of awe-inspiring caves, where you can truly disconnect from the modern world. Cave Melissani, also known as the Cave of the Nymphs, is particularly spectacular, for it is a cave surrounded by forests, and within the cave is a lake. Centuries ago, one of the chambers fell in, allowing sunlight into Melissani. Bobbing around in a boat inside Melissani is a truly wonderful experience. At around 150 million years old, but only opened to the public is 1963, the Drogarati Cave is similarly fascinating.

Plus, Kefalonia is the home to the highest mountain in all of the Ionian Islands, Mount Ainos at 1,628 metres. It is well worth the hike to see the small lilac flowers, foxes, and even wild horses. You can also find a rare type of fir tree, with distinct dark colour on the trunk, which has led to Ainos being nicknamed Monte Nero.

Additionally, Kefalonia is dotted with pretty lighthouses, small towns and villages full of charm, old castles, and churches.

Peace and quiet

Due to its size, Kefalonia can afford to have a fantastic foodie scene and brilliant beaches, and yet still benefit from the peace and quiet. It was the only island to receive a full five stars for this, with Mykonos receiving a single star. In their ratings, readers of Which? criticised Mykonos for its noisy, crowded beaches. Having said this, if what you want is to be in amongst the crowds, having a lively time, then pop Mykonos to the top of your list of Greek islands to buy a home on.

But, if what you are seeking from a home in Greece is the peace and quiet, Kefalonia is your go-to.

Where did Kefalonia score less well?

Family on a beach in Kefalonia.

Ready for this to be you?

Kefalonia received at least three stars in every category. It had three stars for tourist attractions and shopping. If you are considering purchasing a property on a Greek island, then I am going to guess that the life you are after is one of beaches, delicious Greek cooking, and sunshine. When it comes to those things, Kefalonia scores five stars. So, Kefalonia scoring low for tourist attractions and shopping might not necessarily be a bad thing. None of the islands scored more than three stars for shopping. Kefalonia received four stars for accommodation, but if you own a home there, that isn’t going to be much of an issue for you.

Kefalonia received a total of four stars for value for money. While this is not the full five, it is a fantastic result, especially when compared to Santorini (three stars) and Mykonos (two stars).


In Kefalonia, you can find a property for as little as €50,000. However, this property is likely going to need some elbow grease. If you don’t have the elbow grease to spare, then the price of a one-bedroom property starts at €80,000. For a home of three bedrooms or more, you are looking at least €200,000. For a similar property in Mykonos, the price jumps up to €500,000, at the very least.


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