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Last Modified: 9th March 2023

Cyprus boasts an average of 326 days of sun a year, has a low cost-of-living and English is widely spoken there. These are just a few reasons why Brits choose to move to Cyprus or buy a holiday home on the Mediterranean island.

If you are interested in Cyprus but aren’t sure what’s on offer, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into the property types in Cyprus, what they offer and how much each one typically costs.

Let’s get straight down to it.

Aerial view above residential houses of Limassol Marina

What are the most common property types in Cyprus?

It’s clear to anyone who has browsed the Cypriot real estate market that your first choice is between houses and apartments, which are by-far the most popular. However, these can be divided into sub-categories to help you narrow down your search and find the perfect home for you and your family.

Kyrenia villa, Cyorus I Image: Steve Allen via Shutterstock

Villas in Cyprus

Villas in Cyprus are detached properties, usually with a garden of some sorts and a pool (if you’re lucky). Villa life offers more privacy than apartments and semi-detached houses as you usually have more land and you’re less likely to have neighbours overlooking your property.

Villas in Cyprus aren’t limited to a specific area. Villas are available on our Cyprus property portal from €190,000. If you’re willing to renovate a property and bring it up to a more luxurious standard, you can get one for less, but you’d have to put in money to bring it up to scratch.

For a picture-perfect villa that’s ready to welcome its new owners you’re looking somewhere in the region of €220,000-300,000.

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Narrow street of stone houses, Kakopetria village, Cyprus

Houses in Cyprus

Houses are less common than apartments, villas and bungalows in Cyprus, but there are a few. And when I say a few, there’s over 12,000 on our Cyprus Property Portal, so don’t worry about lack of availability.

There are a variety of home styles in Cyprus, ranging from village dwellings (usually stone built and terraced) to rural homes with carved wooden balconies.

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Fun fact: Traditional Cypriot houses included a dichoro, a large room that served multiple purposes. It usually combined a bedroom with either a living area or dining room.

If it’s a traditional Cypriot house you’re after, they’re more prevalent in the centre of the island and in rural areas. If they’ve not been looked after, they can be available for little money and renovated. This leaves you with a renovated home that’s full of character and tradition.

There are a range of beautiful houses in Paphos, typically sold as private homes rather than flats which are more frequent in Limassol.

Cypriot duplex apartments and cottages

Apartments in Cyprus

Whether you’re after a flat in a high-rise apartment with views of the Cypriot coast or would prefer a duplex closer to ground level, there’s a huge selection of apartments for sale in Cyprus.

The most popular areas with expats include Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos and Famagusta. It’s in these areas that holiday apartments actually became more popular than holiday homes in 2022. Apartments are a great option for holiday properties as they usually require less maintenance and general building fees are included with your lease or management company.

Small or studio apartments are available for as little as €60,000 on our Cyprus property portal. Why not take a look at apartments under €100,000 today?

For a two-bedroom apartment, property prices start at €75,000 and are usually a little further inland than the coast. However, a lot of apartments in Cyprus are ready to move into, so you won’t have to wait for long after signing your contract to move in.

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Cyprus property market sees holiday apartments rise in popularity

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