Written by Roseanne Bradley,
18th October 2022

Are you nearing retirement age or looking to move overseas to enjoy the simple life? Cyprus is a wonderful location to retire to. It’s renowned for year-round sunshine, gourmet food and has easy access to both beaches and mountains.

But where to choose? The island has so much to offer, so to help you narrow down your search, here are our top five 5 locations for those looking to retire in Cyprus.

One of my favourite 'quiet' hobbies in Cyprus is sitting out on the waterfront at Limassol with a coffee and watching the world go by.

Can you see yourself watching the world go by, here in Limassol?


Limassol is on the southern coast of Cyprus and is favoured by retirees who lead active lives. There’s a brilliant golf course in the village of Vikla which is super close by, plus there’s a growing community of keen runners and hikers.

Of course, there is the wonderful beach and sea too for swimming and water sports activities. If you enjoy running, there are many cross-country running clubs for all ages, or you can simply go for a daily stroll along the seafront.

In terms of property in Limassol, the market is very diverse. You can buy a detached two-bedroom house for about €150,000-200,000, a two-bedroom apartment for €230,000-240,000, or a bungalow with swimming pool for €220,000-240,000. If you buy a villa with a pool, it will be more expensive. Bungalows seem to be very popular across Cyprus.

View of embankment at Paphos Harbour


Paphos is renowned by retirees for their love of swimming. Like Limassol, Paphos is coastal, and there’s an increasing number of swimming clubs available where retirees are encouraged to join small groups to exercise together. These clubs are great for socialising and they’ll keep you active.

The area has excellent weather for approximately 9 months of the year, how wonderful? Paphos locals enjoy a relaxed lifestyle that centres around excellent Mediterranean cuisine and the gorgeous nearby beaches.

There is also a wide choice of property. Here, prices start as low as €150,000 and range upwards to about €270,000 for a detached two-bedroom villa type house with pool. A two-bedroom apartment sells for €75,000–100,000 and a bungalow for €130,000–280,000.

The village of Paraklissa and neighbouring Agios Trychonas are great spots if you want village living within easy access of the city when you retire to Cyprus.


Paraklissa, also known as Pareklisia, is a large village just ten or fifteen minutes away from Limassol. It is very popular with British retirees, who choose it for the peace and quiet enjoyed by all who live there. The British people from the village form exercise groups in the local town hall and arrange running events and other group activities.

House prices start from €150,000-200,000 for a two-bedroom villa; €250,000 for a two-bedroom apartment, and €280,000 for a two-bedroom bungalow.

The small harbor village Kato Pyrgos at Cyprus island


For the best of both worlds, Pyrgos gives you a taste of village life, access to an active lifestyle and is close to Limassol too.. Pyrgos is famed for hiking as its high ground ensures great views wherever you are. Local walking groups often arrange weekly group hikes that are easy enough to join.

Here a two-bedroom detached villa will cost between €210,000 and €220,000, an apartment will be about €100,000-150,000, and a bungalow about €200,000.

Lania or Laneia is the ideal spot to retire in Cyprus for peace and quiet near the mountains.

Lania or Laneia is the ideal spot to retire in Cyprus for peace and quiet near the mountains.


If you prefer the gentle breeze that comes with living slightly higher up, Lania is a great place to settle down. Located near the Troödos Mountains, this mountain village is so picturesque and quaint.

Those who want to retire in Cyprus choose Lania for its laid-back lifestyle and nearby attractions. It’s a popular wine village with lots of vineyards that are free to visit, but also isn’t too far from the centre of Limassol. There you can attend classes, take up more sport-type activities, or experience urban living. However, the village itself offers various leisure activities, such as learning a craft like lacemaking or cooking.

Two-bedroom houses in Lania range from €100,000–200,000.

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