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Last Modified: 30th November 2021

Could you be enjoying a more healthy life in the Algarve? The evidence is that warmer weather and more daylight hours in winter will have you feeling better and being more active. So forget all those silly little New Year’s resolutions and focus on the big one, moving to Portugal! Here’s how you could be living by next January.

Turning over a healthy new leaf for New Year is a well-worn cliché, and hard to sustain. And let’s be honest, when you’re in the same house, same street, doing the same thing, it’s hard to make changes. But when you have a complete change of scenery, however, suddenly a world of possibilities opens… If you move to the Algarve you’ll be in a perfect location to follow through on your resolutions. Check out this list of five healthy Algarve activities that you can spice up your life with in 2019.

Your new healthy lifestyle in the Algarve!

Your new healthy lifestyle in the Algarve!

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Taking to two wheels

It’s not particularly well publicised, but there’s a comprehensive cycle path network that spreads the full width of the Algarve coastline. It’s called the Ecovia Algarve. It consists of 214 kilometres of marked paths, mostly off the road or on very quiet routes.

You could explore the entire route as a fitness goal, familiarise yourself with the sections local to you on your own bike, or simply hire a bike for the day to “test the water.” Whichever strategy appeals most, the Ecovia is well worth exploring. It’s mainly well signposted, but taking a map or GPS device can certainly help!

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Algarve activities for walkers

The early part of the year is a perfect time to go walking around the Algarve. There are plenty of winter days that are warm and more resemble spring. However, it doesn’t get too hot to prevent you covering some distance.

The options are endless. If you want to find some company, there are plenty of walking groups. Otherwise there are books and online guides to specific walks. The Algarve boasts lots of way-marked trails, including one stretching all the way up the West Algarve coast.

Have a swing

If you’re already a golfer, you’re no doubt more than aware that golf is one of the most appealing Algarve activities for many. However, it’s still worth a try even if you’re a complete golfing novice.

Golf is often a rather pricey pursuit. In addition, some Algarve golf clubs are only open to experienced golfers with handicap certificates. However, there are plenty of courses with driving ranges that are open to all. Furthermore, some courses are happy to accept beginners and intermediate players, such as the nine hole Vale de Milho, near Carvoiero.

Head for the water

Some of the most beautiful and peaceful scenes in the Algarve can only be reached by water. The islands off the coast of the East Algarve and the caves further west both great to explore using kayaks or small boats.

If you’ve not done this kind of thing before, you’ll want to start off as part of an organised group. You won’t struggle to find one. Once you’ve mastered the skills, you may decide to buy your own equipment and go it alone in the future. Either way, you’ll get to experience sights and levels of solitude that you cannot reach by land.

And while some overseas buyers will be sunning themselves on the boring old Mediterranean, in Portugal you’ll have the endlessly exciting Atlantic on your doorstep. It’s much warmer this far south, but still has surfable waves.

Join a class

Whether you fancy yoga, zumba or something completely different like mindful meditation, you won’t struggle to find a class teaching it along the Algarve. Language is rarely a problem with exercise classes, and there are plenty of offerings aimed specifically at expats.

Another alternative that can help you with a healthy new lifestyle is a cookery class. If you’re fortunate enough to live surrounded by healthy ingredients and the “Mediterranean diet,” it makes perfect sense to make the most of it.

These five ideas are mere examples of the Algarve activities that could help you stay healthy in 2019. For more on sport in Portugal, check out this article.

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