Written by Christopher Nye, Senior Content Editor, Property Guides
Last Modified: 31st May 2022

Although you will still be either required or expected to wear a mask in some settings, including public transport and airports, there is little to show of the Covid-19 pandemic this summer in Portugal.

Portugal has no quarantine rules for those who are fully vaccinated, and if you are not fully vaccinated, you also don’t need to quarantine if you show a negative PCR test or antigen test on arrival.

To be classed as fully vaccinated, you must have had your second dose at least a fortnight before arrival in Portugal. You can use a UK Covid pass to show your vaccine status.

You no longer need to complete an online passenger locator card before you arrive in Portugal or its islands.

However, you will still need to wear a mask on buses and airports. You will also notice that many more people are wearing masks than in the UK or US. It is still normal for shop workers and other customer-facing employees to wear masks and courtesy woild suggest that in small and enclosed areas you can still wear a mask.

To read more about Portugal’s travel requirements, see the Portugal Airports Covid-19 page.


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