Running a guesthouse in southern France

One lunchtime after a large glass of wine, Dr Phill Edwards suggested to his partner that they sold up in Clapham and rented whilst searching the perfect location for their dream guest house business.

We swapped a career in the police for an art studio in Portugal

When Dave and Aly Sheldrake retired from their busy careers in the police, the last thing they were looking for was a quiet retirement – so they swapped the UK for a new adventure in the western Algarve, pursuing their dreams as a photographer and artist. Eight years on, they know it was the right decision, saying they’ve ‘never felt happier or more relaxed about life’.

Beth’s life in France on year on: “The move is the best thing I ever did”

Last year, we spoke to reader Beth Nicholson about her move to the beautiful Charente, fulfilling a long-held dream to return to France. Back then, she told us about finding the ‘right house, the right village at the right time’. Now, one year on, Beth is firmly ensconced in her ‘beautiful and joyful’ life in this tranquil corner of Aquitaine.
A repeat offender’s guide to settling into a new country

A repeat offender’s guide to settling into a new country

There’s something wonderful about starting your new life overseas in a new place: so many sights to see, streets to get lost down, new friends to meet and food and drink to enjoy. It’s an opportunity to live life to the full! Settling in does take time, however, so here are our top tips from someone who’s done it more than a few times.