Beth Nicholson

As a child of parents who met and lived in Greece, having a home in Crete and having studied in Grenoble France, Beth has always felt more at home in those countries than the UK. In November 2017 she moved permanently to Charente, France. Since then she has managed minor renovations on her home, established herself as an integral part of her commune and re-established her Operations consultancy in France. Through Kalitera she provides business improvement and project management services to small businesses here as well as administrative support to individuals. You can read Beth's blog here at

Articles by Beth Nicholson

How to embrace France in winter

One of the reasons you moved to France was the weather. You’ve enjoyed/got used to outdoor living during the spring/summer months and been spoiled by the heat and heady long days of the summer. But for some France in winter can then come as a shock to the system. Here we discuss how you can not only survive it but even enjoy it.

Finding your perfect home in the Charente

Nestled in South West France lies the department of Charente. Boasting fantastic weather and countryside, it also offers great value for money when property searching. Whether you’re looking for a bustling and lively or more rural pace of life this diverse area has loads to offer. But how to decide where to live in the Charente?

Settling in and making friends in France

You’re all ready to take the plunge. You’ve decided to change your life and your lifestyle. You’ve done the due diligence around practicalities of moving to France but that final nagging doubt suddenly creeps in: How will I cope away from friends and family? How do I go about making friends in France? Here are some tips to help.