Starting your new life in Greece and purchasing a property there’s an exciting prospect. However, you need to plan how to transfer money to Greece to ensure you don’t lose out. Current political instability has caused the markets to fluctuate wildly. As such, it’s more important than ever to protect your budget. 

The rate changes all the time. Imagine that you put in an offer for a property at €150,000, expecting to pay £133,000. Then, before you transfer the money, the rate moves by just 0.004c and you end up scrambling to find an extra £2,000. 

That’s why we’re offering the free Property Buyer’s Guide to Currency, to help you understand the surprisingly simple ways you can control this risk. The guide’s produced by Smart Currency Exchange, whom our readers have left over 1,000 5* reviews on Trustpilot. They’re the UK’s only emigration-specialist currency company and are also used by businesses like Rightmove. So, get your copy below to learn how to safely transfer money to Greece,

The Property Buyer’s Guide to Currency will help you:

• Understand the currency markets
• Protect your property budget
• Use a Currency Specialist
• Learn from other overseas property buyers

In clear and simple steps, it gives you a strategy for protecting your costs for your dream move to Greece.

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How can the Greece Buying Guide help you?

The Greece Buying Guide will support you throughout the purchase process. From how to get started, to finding an estate agent, to covering how to transfer money to Greece, our experts are here to share valuable advice and to help you every step of the way.

Our Greece Buying Guide uncovers the pitfalls of buying overseas and explains how you can safely overcome them. It helps you buy your dream home without wasting time or money like would-be homebuyers before you.

Over more than a decade, we’ve carefully built up a network of trusted experts. They provide independent, factual guidance on all aspects of buying property in and moving to Greece. We are at the other end of the telephone at our Resource Centre to answer any questions and support our readers throughout the property buying process.

Our experts are trusted by well known media such as Rightmove Overseas and the Radio Times to provide information and guidance about purchasing a home abroad. The media regularly quotes them on the issues that really matter to expats starting a new life overseas.

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