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Moving to Australia is an adventure in itself, so a new life there naturally appeals to those with an eye on seeing and experiencing something a little different. You won’t be disappointed, says our Australia writer Meghan.

Think of any country and you tend to picture the tourist brochure cliché. But in Australia there is plenty more to the country’s highlights than Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and Uluru. Australia presents a dynamic environment, on a vast continent with adventure on every corner. If you are looking for the best National Parks, Wonders of the World and adventures that are just off-the-beaten-path then read on. Having lived in Australia for nearly 15 years I can tell you these are some of the most sought-after experiences in the country. They do however take a thirst for adventure and a detour from the main tourist trail to experience. I can guarantee if you are looking to experience the real Australia, one that is rich with bio-diversity, culture and scenery, make sure to schedule these adventures into your travel itinerary while living in or visiting Australia.

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Cape York Peninsula

The Cape York Peninsula extends north to the tip of Queensland Australia from the heritage town of Cooktown. This route, which was first blazed by the early explorers, features unspoilt beauty and rugged wilderness. A four-wheel drive vehicle is needed to navigate the terrain, and visitors will traverse rainforest, coastline and savannah lands while taking in wildlife, culture and adventure. This last frontier of Australia is largely untouched by mass tourism so you are guaranteed an authentic experience the entire journey.

This last frontier of Australia is largely untouched by mass tourism so you are guaranteed an authentic experience the entire journey.

Fraser Island

World-Heritage-listed Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, stretching 123 kilometres long and 22 kilometres wide. The jaw-dropping beauty will impress even the most reserved travel sceptics with tall rainforests contrasted by white powdery sand. Clear crystal creeks and magnificent tranquil lakes can be found on the island, which is rimmed by a deep blue ocean. Many visitors to the island opt to join a tour or rent their own four-wheel drive for a more personalised adventure.

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Relaxing on Fraser Island. It’s not all surfing and barbecues

Murray River

The Murray River is the third longest navigable river in the world (after the Amazon and the Nile). The river meanders through New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia and the area has great environmental and cultural significance. Locals fish the waters and camp along the banks of the Murray River, providing a classic Australian experience that few tourists ever experience. This water highway has indigenous culture dating back 40,000 years and a diverse array of birds, fish and other iconic wildlife.

Locals fish the waters and camp along the banks of the Murray River, providing a classic Australian experience that few tourists ever experience.

The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road has been named as the world’s most scenic coastal drive. Connecting Victoria to South Australia, this ocean-side route passes the towering “12 Apostles”, breath-taking waterfalls, dense rainforest and picturesque surf breaks along the way. Visitors can choose to drive, cycle or bushwalk the length of the road and there are plenty of other indulgences along the way such as wineries, museums, galleries and more.

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Purnululu National Park and the Bungle Bungles

Located in Western Australia’s Kimberly Region, Purnululu National Park, home of the Bungle Bungles, is one of the most scenically stunning and culturally significant areas in Australia. The Bungle Bungles consist of orange and black sandstone domes that rise up to 300 meters above the ground. Visitors can explore these fascinating chasms by foot or take a scenic flight and explore them from the sky. Besides the unique geological features there are over 130 bird species and countless species of wildlife to be discovered.

Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land

Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory is a World Heritage site with significant environmental and cultural importance. Nearby Arnhem Land is 97,000 square kilometres of rugged coastline, thriving rivers, rich rainforest and impressive coastline. This area has roots to some of Australia’s earliest human existence, dating back 60,000 years. The spiritual and cultural importance is immense and those that take the time to visit this gem of Australia will be richly rewarded.

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