Get transported to Australia this weekend. These must-watch movies about Australia will take you to the Land Down Under without leaving your living room.

It’s the Oscars on Sunday so we’ve been thinking about the five films that most capture the spirit of Australia. There is nothing better to get you inspired to travel somewhere than a movie that ignites, educates and invites the viewer into a country and its culture. These five movies are all hits for different reasons and showcase Australia’s scenery, culture, history and humour. Why not host your own mini-Oscar night, grab some popcorn and take in some of these iconic Australian films?

Australia (2008)

Starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, this is an epic tale of love, war and class. When an English aristocrat inherits a cattle station, she goes on an adventure with a rough-around-the-edges stockman which takes them through the harsh countryside of the Northern Territory. The movie is set during World War II, when Darwin was bombed by the Japanese. This story has thrilling adventure, moving romance and cultural importance among the raw landscapes of the Northern Territory. The cinematography is truly magical.

The Castle gives viewers a glimpse into blue collar Australian life with lots of humour along the way.

The Castle (1997)

This Australian comedy gives viewers a dose of true Aussie humour. It tells the story of a working-class Melbourne family who fight city hall after being ordered to leave their property, ‘The Castle’, due to a transport scheme in the neighbourhood. This disruption to their simple way of living sends the family on a mission to defend their home, taking them all the way to the High Court. The Castle gives viewers a glimpse into blue collar Australian life with lots of humour along the way.


Nicole Kidman, star of Australia, the movie


Crocodile Dundee (1986)

The legendary Crocodile Dundee, is an iconic Australian name that many people think of when conjuring up names of famous Australians. The movie depicts the story of Michael J. (crocodile) Dundee, a crocodile hunter and safari owner who operates in the Australian outback. When an American journalist comes to interview Crocodile Dundee about a recent crocodile attack, and he goes on to save her from a crocodile, she invites him to New York, the first city he has ever seen. City life is a shock for him, while the people of New York find Crocodile Dundee just as shocking. From the Australian outback to the concrete jungle of New York, Crocodile Dundee goes from one adventure to the next, with a bit of a love story thrown in too.

 From the Australian outback to the concrete jungle of New York, Crocodile Dundee goes from one adventure to the next.

Walkabout (1971)

This beautiful and magical film tells the story of an aboriginal right of passage: ‘going walkabout’. When two British children get lost in the outback and have to fend for themselves, they are saved by an aboriginal boy who has gone walkabout. Walkabout is the coming of age for aboriginal boys, who must venture into the outback alone for months on end, living off the land. Although the children and the aboriginal boy are not able to communicate with words, the trio travel together and the aboriginal boy does what he can to help them survive. The beautiful story and stunning cinematography make this a must-watch Australian movie to add to any playlist.

Ned Kelly (2003)

This historical gangster movie starring the late Australian, Heath Ledger, is based-on a real life outlaw Ned Kelly. The story of Ned Kelly is one of drama, adventure and lawlessness and depicts tensions between the Irish and English in the 19th century. Ned Kelly’s colourful life as one of Australia’s most beloved and infamous characters, transports the viewer into Australia’s wild west past where bushrangers and outlaws strike out against an oppressive Victorian government.

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