Written by Meghan Zuvelek,
28th December 2017

If you’ve got an internet connection, an interest in sports or have children, meeting friends in Australia is easy. If none of those apply, just throw a barbecue and the locals will turn up!

Making friends in Australia is easy. Australians are considered a very friendly bunch and if you’re looking to connect with other Brits, there are plenty of them too. With a little effort on your part, you will grow your network of friends in no time. Here are some great ways to make friends with Australians and other expats after your arrival.

The good old neighbourhood barbeque is another great event to meet the locals.

Online communities and forums

There are a multitude of online forums and communities for expats moving to and living in Australia. This is a great place to start if you want to find out what it’s like living in Australia from people who have already made the move, or if you want to know some people upon arrival. Some websites to check out and connect with other expats are Internations.com, Pomsinoz.com and Britishexpats.com.

Social Media

Social media is an easy way to reach out to people in your new community. On Facebook find out which events are taking place, join Facebook groups of people with similar interests and follow pages of local businesses to see what’s going on. Instagram can also be a source of inspiration and help you connect with people and places in your area too. Search for hashtags such as #Melbourne #WhatsOnSydney and see what people are posting about in your area.

Join a sporting team

Australians, like Britons, are big time sport enthusiasts. Joining a sports team is a sure-fire way to connect with others and make new friends. Whether it’s a team sport like rugby or football, a low-key sport like lawn bowling or something like tennis or swimming, much of Australian life is concentrated around the sports and activities so this is a great way of meeting new people.


Your first beach barbecue in Australia?


Meet your neighbours

You’re likely to find that your new neighbours will be proactive at coming to introduce themselves. Getting to know your neighbours is a value many Australians hold dear so be open to casual chats at the end of your driveway and don’t be surprised if the next-door neighbour drops off a house-warming gift after you arrive. The good old neighbourhood barbeque is another great event to meet the locals. Be open to invitations, and why not even host your own?

Meet people through your children

If you are moving to Australia with children you will no doubt meet several people through play groups, school and your children’s activities. Much of Australian life is centred around family so if you’re out playing with and entertaining the kids, you’ll meet other families during the process. Kids in school will be invited to birthday parties, and getting involved in your child’s school is a great way to meet other parents.

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Head to the pub

The neighbourhood pub is a central meeting point and a staple part of many Australian’s lives. Find out what your local (local pub) is and if you enjoy a drink, make it a habit of spending some time there. Pubs in Australia are more than just places to enjoy a beer. Many serve food for the family, have gaming machines and even playgrounds for smaller children.

Making friends is an integral part of moving to any country and making friends in Australia as a British expat or retiree is easy and enjoyable. Use the powers of the internet to connect with other expats before you arrive, get to know your neighbours and meet new people through sports, and other activities that you enjoy.

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