Learn how to save money on your international currency transfers by enlisting the services of Smart Currency Exchange.


Many of those looking to buy property abroad are unaware of how much money they can save by sensibly managing their international transfers. By utilising the services of a currency exchange specialist rather than your High Street bank you can secure favourable exchange rates, avoid transaction fees, and lock in rates for up to a year with specialist products and services.

Using a Currency Specialist

Many people fail to realize the benefits of using a currency specialist until it’s too late. With fluctuating currency markets it’s not uncommon to lose thousands of dollars when transferring money overseas. When people use banks to transfer money from one currency to the next, they are always paying additional fees on top of the service and are generally not getting optimal exchange rates. Currency specialists like our partners at Smart Currency Exchange are in the business of saving you money when transferring funds abroad. They offer services like buying currency at a fixed rate but paying for it later, and automatic currency orders when a currency hits a rate that you specify.



Using a Currency Specialist will help safeguard your transfers from fluctuating currency rates


Not only this but currency specialists offer bank-beating exchange rates that are often up to 4 more competitive – this means on a £100,000 exchange, you will save £4000. When using Smart Currency Exchange to transfer your money overseas you will be free of fees and commissions (on transfers over £3000) and you will be able to reduce or eliminate overseas bank receiving charges.

For large one-off lump sum payments or regularly scheduled payments a currency specialist in the UK is the way to go.

Setting up Regular Payments

There are many reasons people choose to set up regular payments while they are living in Australia. This is often a convenient way to access pension payments, receive UK income or liquidate assets in the UK. By setting up a regular payment plan with Smart Currency Exchange you can decide how much you want to receive and the intervals in which you would like to receive it. It really is a convenient and stress-free way of accessing your UK money while abroad, as you’ll never have to worry about your money not arriving on time, or how much you will lose due to the currency markets.

Once you have signed up for your payment plan with Smart Currency Exchange, you will be assigned a personal account manager. This expert trader will walk you through the process of securing your funds while transferring them to Australia and can also work out a payment system that suits your unique needs and requirements.

Free Currency Guide

Get Smart Currency Exchange’s Free Guide “Three Essential Steps to Buying Property Abroad” for a simple breakdown of the fundamentals of buying property in Australia. Learn about the importance of acquiring a core team of professionals to guide you in the process: A trustworthy estate agent, an independent solicitor and a currency exchange specialist. This free guide will help you through the process of purchasing property and is a must-read for those serious about buying real estate in Australia.

Save money when buying overseas

Get the best foreign exchange rates with Smart Currency Exchange. You can save up to 4% compared to your bank!

Whether you are buying a property abroad, making regular payments, sending money overseas or back in to the UK, you want the most cost-effective, safe and easy way to transfer your money.

That's where Smart Currency Exchange can help. As one of the UK's fastest-growing currency exchange specialists, we save our clients thousands of pounds every day by offering the best currency exchange rates, along with your own dedicated personal trader.

  Bank beating exchange rates
  Safe and secure transactions
  Dedicated Personal Trader
  Authorised by the FCA

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