Five Wonderful Things About Living in Portugal

While no country is a utopia, living in Portugal comes quite close! Our writer in Portugal would like to offer five great reasons to join him   When I first moved to Portugal, I had a clear idea in my mind of what things would be like. As with so many events in life, nothing turns out exactly as predicted, but the fact remains that there are many factors that make a life in Portugal a very pleasurable one. Here are five things that really stand out in my mind:
The 20 best international schools in Europe

The 20 best international schools in Europe

If only the best is good enough for your little ones, where is Paris’s answer to Eton, Madrid’s version of Harrow? Here are the best European schools beyond our shores. Even better, some of them are free. FRANCE 1. Lycée Henri IV LOCATION: Paris PUPILS: Day school accepting pupils from 13-18 FEES: Free ALUMNI: Jean-Paul Sartre, Guy de Maupassant, Sir Christopher Meyer (British Ambassador to US)

How to be more Italian, in five easy lessons.

When you go to live in Italy you may wonder how you’ll get over the culture shock. Learn these five easy lessons to living like an Italian, however, and you’ll never want to queue, get drunk or wear socks with sandals again  

The French Alps are not just for winter!

If you’re looking for a holiday home with a bit more va-va-voom, the French Alps are about the most exciting option on the planet for four-season thrill-seeking.  

Five Tips to Make the Most of a Move to Portugal

A move to Portugal (or anywhere abroad) is sure to prove an exciting life change, but what can you do to make that move as successful and stress-free as possible?   The other day, I was pondering on what I would do differently if I were to move to Portugal again today. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, so sometimes it’s good to go right back to basics. In that spirit, today I have listed five key pieces of advice I’d give to anyone planning a move to Portugal for the first time.

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