Buying in France: make it easy on yourself

France Property Guide brings you top tips to stay motivated and buy your dream property in France successfully.   We may live in uncertain times, but France never seems to lose its allure for British people – with many more determined than ever to find their own bolthole in France. Let’s not forget that France is a very big country, with plenty to offer in terms of lifestyle, comfort, beauty, and space. We offer our Top Five Tips for staying on the right track and realising your dream of buying in France.

Spotlight on the South: The rich and exciting history of the Cathars

When driving around the winding mountain roads and rugged countryside of the Languedoc Roussillon, you cannot help but notice the extraordinary ruined monument, built by the Cathars The Cathars were followers of a rival church in early medieval times, who dismissed the riches and ceremony of the Catholic church in favour of purity and equality. Catholics at the time named the Cathars as nothing short of heretics.

The Five Best Restaurants in Cabanas-de-Tavira

Cabanas-de-Tavira, in Portugal’s East Algarve, is an increasingly popular destination for expats and tourists alike. In this article, an expat who spent five years in the area suggests five of his favourite places to eat. Cabanas-de-Tavira may be a small fishing village, but this East Algarve destination transforms into a paradise for tourists over the summer months.

The joys of driving on French roads

Getting around France by car – five top tips for safe driving throughout the country We love driving in France! The roads are good, the motorways well maintained and of course there is far less traffic about.

Five Top Tips for Setting in to the French way of life

Moving to France is such an exciting prospect! With all your hard work and preparation behind you, the day you receive the keys to your new French house is a defining moment, and you should be proud of yourself. What you need to do now is give yourself time to settle in to everything. It will take time to adjust to your new life in France, so make the most of the process and give yourself time. Moving anywhere is a stressful as well as exciting experience and moving overseas even more so: after all, here is a different culture, different language and there will be a mountain of ways of doing t

How to Live Life on a Budget in Portugal

Portugal’s low cost of living is one of the main attractions for expats, but if you really want to live life on a budget, there are various things you can do to make your existence even cheaper. It’s possible to enjoy a very pleasant existence in Portugal without spending a huge amount of money, but there are still some ways to drain your cash reserves if you’re not careful. In this article, we provide five useful tips to help you either economise, or avoid spending money you don’t have to.