Your 10-step guide to owning a property by summer

Your 10-step guide to owning a property by summer

Determined to make 2023 the year you buy a holiday home or move abroad? Before heading out to view properties and realise that dream, there’s important groundwork to be done first. Here’s our checklist of things you should be thinking about now. Follow these steps and you could be in your new home by summer…

What is your local Mairie and why is it important?

In the UK, you may have little idea about what happens in your town hall, the purpose it serves and what to use it for. However, in France the town hall or ‘Mairie’ can be one of your first ports of call. Often the centre of town or village life in France, there are usually countless reasons to visit your local Mairie.  Our writer in France, Beth, explains what it’s used for and why it can be extremely helpful when settling in.

The first 10 things to do when you move to Portugal

If you’re planning to move to Portugal, you probably have a list of things you want to do on arrival. For many, the priorities include checking out local restaurants, exploring markets, and heading to beaches and other beauty spots.

Using a buyer’s agent in France

If you’d love to buy in France but just can’t find the right property, or you lack confidence in your French language and knowledge of the market, you need a buyer’s agent.

Building a swimming pool in Portugal

Found the perfect property in Portugal but it lacks a certain something? Like a swimming pool? Don’t worry, if you have the space and the planning permission, installing a swimming pool in your home in Portugal isn’t too difficult. Here is what you need to do.

The 10 Best Contacts for Expats in Portugal

New expats in Portugal really benefit from having a strong support network, This article discusses the key people to get in touch with to make your move easier: the ten best new friends when you move to Portugal.