Bling vs budget: Spanish homes

Spain is a country of contrasts: mountains and coasts, modern cities and ancient villages, the lush green of Galicia and the arid south. This also applies to the cost of homes which can be as much as a staggering €13,451 per m² in Mallorca and as little as €316 per m² in Toledo.

How to ensure strikes don’t disrupt your viewing trip this year

Are you ready to make the dream of living overseas a reality? The first step to buying a home in Spain is flying out there to view properties you may be interested in. Planning is essential, especially where travel is involved – you don’t want anything ruining or delaying your trip. 

Life as a novelist in Almería

How I Got Here In 2020, I had a fabulous first Covid lockdown in my beautiful little house in a quiet corner of coastal Almería. Well, not actually in my little house there, that for five years I’d been visiting whenever I could, but a similar house in a nearby village. Okay, I wasn’t actually in the house, bodily, but mentally escaping to it at every opportunity; I was writing a novel set there. In reality, I was cooped up in my Blighty home, taking the daily opportunity to stroll over the deserted local golf course, like everyone else.
How the Costa del Sol continues to shine for luxury property buyers

How the Costa del Sol continues to shine for luxury property buyers

The sun is shining on the luxury property market in the Costa del Sol, from spacious villas by some of Europe’s best golf resorts, through to investment apartments with strong yields. The region’s whitewashed villages, golden beaches, top-class yachting marinas and sunny microclimate have drawn discerning property buyers for decades. So, where are the best areas to purchase a home?

Your latest news from Spain

Just when you though Spain couldn’t get any more desirable, income taxes are cut, class sizes reduced and pensioners provided with free prescriptions.