Julia in Puglia

Julia moved to Italy in 2010 and has renovated a masseria in Puglia.

Articles by Julia in Puglia

Brexit speech in Florence

A group representing Brits in Italy, turned up in Florence on Friday hoping Theresa May’s speech would offer more concrete reassurances about their position in Italy after Brexit. Did she deliver?

Irish Cost of Living Survey

We take a look at the cost of all life’s essentials in Ireland, so that you’ll know what to expect when you make the move.

Tuscany: every house buyers’ dream location?

Ask someone to name an Italian region and Tuscany is sure to be top of the list. Quintessential images of Italy include the Duomo in Florence, the leaning tower of Pisa and a landscape of rolling hills, vineyards and that famous bendy road lined with cypress trees leading to a dream farm house on a hill.

Italian country life

When we bought a farm house in Italy our main concern was to get the house habitable, not to get chickens or ducks. But, Cosimo was keen to teach us about traditional Italian country life.

Castles for sale in Italy

After watching Game of Thrones maybe you’d like to own your own little kingdom? Or if you’ve ever fallen under the spell of Romeo and Juliet, maybe you’d like to live like a medieval aristocrat? Italy has some wonderful castles for sale, and while for some you’ll need to rob the Iron Bank of Braavos (it’s a Game of Thrones thing), there are others you just might be able to afford.