Julia in Puglia

Julia moved to Italy in 2010 and has renovated a masseria in Puglia.

Articles by Julia in Puglia

Why I love living in Italy

We initially thought we would renovate the house and move on, but soon discovered there was no other place we’d rather be.

Italian Heritage Open Day

Restoring Italy’s historic buildings is one part of FAI’s mission to save Italy’s heritage from falling into disrepair, and everyone across Italy is being encouraged to support the open day on 15th October.

Going off the beaten track in Italy

Three Italian regions often overlooked by British buyers, where you can find the real Italy away from tourist crowds and expat communities.

Schooling in Italy

Are you concerned about how well your children will settle into an Italian school? I have spoken to a family who have already done it and compiled a guide to the Italian school system.

Colin Firth gets Italian citizenship

When Colin Firth fell in love with Italian filmmaker Livia Giuggioli, he also fell in love with Italy. He has already demonstrated his love by learning Italian fluently and giving their two sons Italian names, Luca and Matteo. Now, the Italian interior ministry have announced his application for Italian Citizenship had been approved.