Julia in Puglia

Julia moved to Italy in 2010 and has renovated a masseria in Puglia.

Articles by Julia in Puglia

Creating an inspiring Italian Garden

If you’ve watched Monti Don’s Italian gardens on TV, or seen photos of an Italian palace, farmhouse and lakeside gardens, you might be looking forward to having an Italian garden of your own.

My experience of Italian healthcare

Following a ride in an ambulance to the Emergency department this month, I can share first-hand what’s it’s like to use the Italian healthcare system.

Italy awarded two more UNESCO sites

Italy now has 53 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, more than any other country in the world. For anyone planning a home there, such a grand history of building, architecture and culture should be a real inspiration.

Traditional summer events in Italy

An Italian summer is full of local events, usually involving great food and free concerts in the town piazzas. But what is a festa, sagra, notte bianca, carnivale, palio and corteo storico?