Written by Amy Baker,
27th July 2017

We discuss how to find short-term rentals in Ireland and offer some tips to ensure your rental goes smoothly.

Unless you’ve found the Irish property of your dreams and have already splashed the cash, when you first move to Ireland you’ll need somewhere to stay while you sort out something more permanent. Many Brits making the move to Ireland decide to rent somewhere for a short period while they scour the country seeking the corner of Ireland that suits them best.

When you first move to Ireland, you’ll need somewhere to stay while you sort out something more permanent.

Short-term rental options

If you know that you will only need somewhere for a few days or a couple of weeks at the most, you may decide to treat yourself to a stay in a hotel, holiday home or a B&B. For hotels and motels, you’re best to try sites that you’ll be familiar with such as lastminute.com for the best rates. When securing a rate, always contact the hotels directly to see whether you can secure a discounted rate for an extended stay. For B&B’s try the B&B Owners Association Ireland and Bed and Breakfast Ireland.

Airbnb is an excellent option if you would prefer to be self-contained. Plus, living in an Airbnb, as their slogan says, is a wonderful way to ‘live like a local’. Should you be undecided about where to live, staying in Airbnb’s while you search for the perfect spot is a brilliant way to trial different places while getting a glimpse into what life will be like in that specific town or village.

If you’re looking for a short-term rental contract of a few months, sites like Gumtree and Daft advertise short-term lets and sublets.


A short-term rental is a great way to discover the local area while searching for your dream home.


Top Tips for short-term rentals

1. Plan early

If you want to keep costs and stress levels nice and low, we recommend you begin your search for a short-term solution well in advance. If you book far enough ahead you can secure excellent rates and avoid being in a nerve-wracking situation where you’re one of many in the running for securing the accommodation.

2. Location, location

While you should remain conscious of budget, be sure to utilise these short-term rentals as valuable research into whether the area is right for you. While it may be far cheaper to rent in a location that you’d never consider buying in, you’ll only spend all your time travelling to those areas anyway – that cost will soon add up.

While you must remain conscious of budget, be sure to utilise these short-term rentals as valuable research into whether the area is right for you.

3. Are you close to your required amenities?

You want to make sure your short-term rental not only fits your budget, but that you’re also comfortable there. Before you sign anything, make sure that you’ll be able to access all of the amenities and services that you require. Does the property itself have everything you need? Where is the nearest hospital/ doctor/ petrol station?

4. Add a deposit to your budget

If you’re taking on a short-term rental lasting a few months, you will be required to pay a deposit. The amount will vary depending on the property, your location and whether or not your landlord has been burned before! Before signing anything, always make sure that you’re aware of any rental conditions tied to this deposit payment, i.e. cleaning fees when you move out or bills while you’re resident.

5. Check for hidden fees

Make sure that you discuss all costs with the property owner prior to locking yourself into a contract. You need to establish whether you’ll be covering utility bills or whether they will. Usually the utilities will be your responsibility if you stay more than a month. Check whether you’ll be charged for cleaning expenses at the end of the contract.

6. House rules

Do you have pets? Are you a smoker? Many landlords will say no to pets right from the off. Others can be persuaded if they meet them. When looking for properties, ask to see their rules and don’t be afraid to negotiate.

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