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Last Modified: 10th September 2021

Christian and Jodi Connor had dreamt of moving to Ireland for 15 years. In 2018, they finally took the leap and bought a beautiful B&B in County Sligo. We caught up with them about their new Irish life.

For the Connor household – Christian, Jodi and their son Tristan – the journey from suburban America to the Irish countryside began with an introduction to their dream home by REA Brady Estate Agents in Carrick on Shannon.

Making the life changing move to Ireland is a well-trodden path.

Residents of Francestown, New Hampshire just north of Boston, the Connor’s had ambitions to live a rural life in Ireland. Away from the stresses and strains of everyday living in a typical US town. Jodi explained:

“Fifteen years ago, Christian and I began to daydream about buying a property in Europe. One that would allow us to meet interesting people from all over the world, creating lifelong friendships and connections”

The Connor family

Aware of this, Christian’s parents, who live in the UK, discovered Ballaghboy Lodge Farm in Ballinafad, Co. Sligo on REA Brady’s listing on www.rightmove.co.uk. The property, an “eco-friendly rustic retreat”, was created by Karen and Eddie Litton. Their aim was to offer guests a countryside retreat that brought a little happiness and delight into their lives.

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As soon as Christian’s parents saw it they knew it could be the property of their nearest and dearests dreams. They were so convinced they persuaded Christian and Jodi to take the first flight from Boston to see for themselves. Jodi recalls:

“Much to our surprise and delight, our reasons for wanting to purchase Ballaghboy Lodge Farm were for similar reasons that Karen and Eddie had when they sought it out and created it back in 2004. We are an unplugged media-free family that enjoys surrounding ourselves with nature. On most days, we can be found in the garden, on a walk, tending to our bees, taking a bike ride, bird watching, fishing, you name it. We love the outdoors. As a lady in Munich said to me once “There is no such thing as bad weather…only bad clothing”


Ballaghboy Lodge FarmLiving

Life in Ireland

Having fallen in love with the property and successfully navigated the overseas buying process, the Connor’s continue to run the property as an eco-friendly rustic retreat. With Eddie and Karen’s help they are connecting with previous guests and using booking platforms to generate new business.

As a family they are revelling in their rural life and take great delight in sharing the experience with others.

Spectacular views over the Brickleave Mountains and days spent tending to the sheep and horses make the monotony of Christian’s former corporate career seem a distant dream. As a family they are revelling in their rural life and take great delight in sharing the experience with others, including Christian’s parents.

According to Joe Brady of REA Brady Estate Agents, they are seeing more and more people from abroad with a desire to make a similar move: “They put a greater value on our rural settings and rural homes than we do ourselves. Being active and reaching these markets is important to us in REA because it brings these buyers to our vendors.”

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