Buying property in Portugal, like buying a property anywhere overseas, is a huge commitment, and not a decision to be taking lightly. If you are thinking of buying a property abroad, it is certainly something that you will give a lot of thought to, and you will no doubt have a lot of unanswered questions. You will therefore need the best possible expertise and advice at your disposal to answer those questions and to help you through what could well be the most significant purchase of your lifetime.

The ‘Golden Three’ experts you need when buying property in Portugal

The Portugal Property Guide has identified the three key experts you will need to help you view and buy your property in Portugal safely – so important, we call them ‘The Golden Three’: A trusted property agent, a currency specialist, and an independent solicitor. It is vitally important to sort out these three professional services as early as possible during the property buying process, to ensure that you have all the right support and credible information that you need from the very beginning. By using trusted experts who know and fully understand the local marketplace, you can avoid many of the pitfalls and issues that people often fall foul of when buying property abroad.

The right property agent

There are so many property agents it can be overwhelming knowing where to turn and which one to choose. Researching online can be useful and can give you an idea of the different agents in the area where you are looking for property. Nothing beats a personal recommendation, or knowing that you have someone with the right expertise, who is representing your best interests. A property agent who specialises in the particular areas of Portugal you want to buy in and can assess and understand your requirements will make both your property search and the buying process in Portugal far more effective. Having a trustworthy contact in the region means you can make the most of your time on your viewing trips in Portugal.

A currency specialist

You may not already be aware, but transferring money through your high street bank can be an expensive, slow process – not ideal when you need to move quickly to secure a property! When the time comes to quickly put down a deposit to secure your dream property in Portugal, the last thing you need is to wait for your bank to transfer your funds from sterling or any other currency into euros. However, there is a safe, secure way to get this done – by using a currency specialist, such as our trusted partners, Smart Currency Exchange. Signing up with a currency specialist like the property-focussed team at Smart Currency before you even go on your viewing trip to Portugal gives you access to expertise and knowledge in both currency and overseas property markets, through a dedicated currency trader. Your dedicated currency specialist will understand your buying needs and timescales and will work with you to save money throughout the whole property buying process.

An independent solicitor

Once your property purchase in Portugal is underway, you do not want to be waiting unnecessarily in the UK or your current country of residence owing to delays, lack of communication, or any confusion over the timescales for completion. An impartial, English-speaking solicitor who has expert knowledge of the region of Portugal in which you are buying your property is essential.

To save time and money – and for real peace of mind – ensure you find the right three experts to help you at each stage of your Portuguese property buying journey.

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