Written by Andy Probert,
28th September 2017

You’ve budgeted for your new house in Turkey, but have you budgeted for the cost of living there? To give you an idea of how much money you will need to cover all you’re outgoings, we’ve researched the cost going out, groceries, utilities and transport in Turkey.

The aisles have been browsed, the beer has been drunk, the wine has been tasted – all in the name of research of course – and the results of our 2017 cost of living in Turkey survey are in. So let’s take a look at how the cost of life’s essentials in Turkey compare to the UK.

The total cost of a grocery shop at a leading Turkish supermarket (£46.38) is roughly the same as doing the equivalent shop in the UK (£45.31).

Supermarket shop

The total cost of a grocery shop at a leading Turkish supermarket (£46.38) is roughly the same as doing the equivalent shop in the UK (£45.31).


Item Amount Price in TRY Conversion price in £s Tesco UK price in £
Loaf of bread 1 2.75 57p 80p
Medium eggs 12 6.5 £1.35 £1.75
Milk 1 litre 5 £1.04 75p (2 pints)
Apples 1kg 3 63p £2
Bananas 1kg 7.5 £1.56 76p
Tomatoes 500g 2 41p £1
Cheese (Edam) 500g 13 £2.71 £3.65
Chicken (breast) 500g 8.25 £1.71 £3.08
Beef (roasting) 500kg 52 £10.83 £4.11
Fish (fresh) 500g 14.5 £3.02 £6.75
Spaghetti (dried) 500g 1.5 31p 50p
Potatoes 1kg 1.5 31p £1
Cornflakes 1kg 9.9 £2.06 £1
Chocolate bar 40g 2 41p 75p
Instant coffee (Nescafe) 200g 8.75 £1.93 £3.50
Wine (cheapest bottle) 1 bottle 40 £8.33 £5
Bottle of lager 1 bottle 660ml 6.25 £1.30 £2
Coca cola 1.75l bottle 3.25 67p £1.66
Washing up liquid 500ml bottle 4.75 98p 50p
Dog food 12 x 400g 30 £6.25 £4.75


You’ll be paying less to fill up your car in Turkey.


Home costs

Item (per month) Average cost in TRY Conversion to £
Electricity 125 £26
Internet 59 £12.30
Basic mobile phone tariff 50 £10.41
Pool maintenance (per month) 110 £23
Gas (per bottle) 75 £15.62

According to Numbeo – the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide – the average cost of basic utilities for an 85 square metre apartment (electricity, heating water, rubbish collection) is around 57% cheaper per month in Turkey than the UK.

On average a bottle of beer in Turkey is around 28% cheaper than the UK.


Item Amount Cost TRY Conversion price to £
Petrol 1 litre 5 £1.03
Car tax (annual average) Per annum 650 £135
One-way train ticket 1 8 £1.66
Monthly ticket on public transport 1 180 £37
Taxi trip Starting tariff 25 £5.20


Transport costs are generally on the affordable side in Turkey, where a litre of petrol is £1.03 compared to £1.15 in the UK, and a monthly ticket on public transport is around £37 compared to £60 in the UK.

Going out

Item Cost in TRY Conversion to £
Three course set meal for one 98 £20
glass of wine 15 £3.12
Bottle of beer 12 £2.50
Cappuccino 8 £1.66
Cinema ticket 40 £8.33
Gym membership (month) 100 £20.83


Now for the most important price comparisons of all: according to Numbeo, on average a bottle of beer in Turkey is around 28% cheaper than the UK, a bottle of wine from the supermarket 10% cheaper and a three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant 70% cheaper. Cheers!

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