Why use Smart Currency Exchange?

One of the biggest mistakes made by people buying property abroad is not knowing how much exchange rates can affect the price of their home. The currency markets fluctuate every second, which means they are capable of changing significantly during the buying process. One minute your Turkish property is well within budget, the next, the market could change and the cost of your dream home could go through the roof – putting it completely out of your price range. Taking just a few moments to create a currency strategy with Smart Currency Exchange protects you against such fluctuations, helps you to budget and saves you money. As they’ve been helping people to buy overseas property for more than a decade, they understand all of the steps involved in the process.

Smart Currency Exchange will be able to save you money every time you transfer funds to, or from, Turkey.

Secure favourable rates

Smart Currency Exchange can lock in an exchange rate that you’re happy to trade at for up to a year with their Forward Contract. This means that no matter how the markets perform, you will always be trading your currency at the locked in rate.

Manage your regular payments

Post-purchase you’ll have a number of ongoing payments and regular transfers that will need to be made between Turkey and the UK, whether these are your pension payments, maintenance costs or for spending money. You could employ your bank to make these payments, but then you’ll have no way of knowing how much is coming in and out of your account each month. There could be times where this works in your favour, but as this is an uncertainty it risks becoming a stress you don’t need. Smart Currency Exchange can lock in a favourable rate, thus allowing you to budget and plan effectively for all your payments.

Smart Currency Exchange’s Regular Payments Plan not only saves you money on every overseas transfer, but also guarantees you never miss a payment. To get the plan up and running you need to set up a standing order for the payments, and outline the intervals you want the transfers to be made. Simple!

Whatever stage you’re at in your buying journey, you’ll benefit from researching how currency exchange could affect your purchase. Request more information from Smart Currency Exchange and find out how to protect your budget.

Save money when buying overseas

Whether you are buying a property abroad, making regular payments, sending money overseas or back in to the UK, you want the most cost-effective, safe and easy way to transfer your money.

That's where Smart Currency Exchange can help. As one of the UK's fastest-growing currency exchange specialists, we save our clients thousands of pounds every day by minimising the risk associated with transferring money overseas.

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