A year on from Brexit, what’s changed?

A year on from Brexit, what’s changed?

Brexit, schmexit: a year after the transition period ended Brits are buying homes and planning exciting retirements in our favourite European destinations just like we always did. Processes have been smoothed out, a host of professionals are on hand to help us fill in the forms and the welcome is as warm as ever. We look at some of the key developments over the past 12 months. 

No problem? No deal for property buyers in Spain

Playing golf in the warm January sunshine. Eating al fresco by your pool. Renting out your holiday home for a profit all summer and enjoying it in winter for yourself. However you see your life in Spain, you can do all this and more, however Brexit works out. Here’s why you shouldn’t be too worried about no deal for property buyers in Spain

‘Brexit-proof’ your move to Spain – deal or no deal!

The clock’s ticking on Brexit – but is it really ‘time up’ for Brits relocating here to sunny Spain? The media would have you think so. However, British buyers actually increased by 16% this year, so what do they know that others don’t?