Spain Property Market Update: June 2021

After a year or so of disruption due to the pandemic, how has the Spanish property market fared? We take a look at the latest data and trends in our June 2021 update…

Homes from home: Spain’s friendliest expat communities

The pleasures of life in sun-drenched Spain are as accessible today as ever, whether you want to play golf and tennis all year, or just sit out in the sun with new friends, or enjoy a more affordable retirement. (Or all of the above!) But where should you buy in Spain that’s easy to reach, beautiful, not too crazy in summer or too quiet in winter? We’ve gone in search of expat paradise…

Spanish property prices: Where’s hot this autumn?

Spanish property prices continues to rise at a steady rate, if not quite at the speed of 2018. However, with some way to go still to recover the highs of 2008, the rises appear to be sustainable, backed by a strong economy and international demand.

Small cities see big rise in property prices

Property prices in New Zealand have been growing steadily in rural areas, while the bigger cities are going through more of a correction. Hastings and Whanganui remain firm favourites among buyers, with demand causing a leap of over 20% in prices. Meanwhile, in the South Island, Dunedin is also seeing a boost in house prices.

Slow but steady growth in Irish property prices

The Irish property market has been a tale of two halves for some time now, with prices in Dublin shooting up during the tech boom, while the rest of the country saw more measured growth. Now, however, the two seem to be coming into step, with slow but steady growth reported nationwide. Could this be the perfect time for overseas buyers?

Bling or budget: property on the north Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca is one of the most sought after areas in Spain for property, undoubtedly due to the wonderful climate – over 3000 hours of sun a year – the pretty coves, splendid beaches, coastal mountains, the golf courses and the great choice of property, from extremely affordable to high end luxury homes. There are many British expat communities in the region with clubs and all kinds of activities.