Five Tips to Make the Most of a Move to Portugal

A move to Portugal (or anywhere abroad) is sure to prove an exciting life change, but what can you do to make that move as successful and stress-free as possible?   The other day, I was pondering on what I would do differently if I were to move to Portugal again today. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, so sometimes it’s good to go right back to basics. In that spirit, today I have listed five key pieces of advice I’d give to anyone planning a move to Portugal for the first time.

How Spain is viewing Brexit

The continuing ripple effect from Britain’s vote to leave the EU stretches ever deeper, with uncertain times for many British people in Spain and elsewhere.  

Your holiday home in France never looked so attractive!

France remains one of the most popular countries in which to invest in a second home, despite the recent EU referendum decision to leave. Our expat on the ground shares her thoughts… Whatever anyone thinks about the result of the EU Referendum, the fact is that the British people’s love of France remains undiminished and indeed there are signs that this is now stronger than ever. France is not only one of the most popular countries in which to buy a second home, but as we come to terms with the full impact of last week’s Referendum, it seems that for many British people, the dream they have al

The joys of driving on French roads

Getting around France by car – five top tips for safe driving throughout the country We love driving in France! The roads are good, the motorways well maintained and of course there is far less traffic about.

Five Top Tips for Setting in to the French way of life

Moving to France is such an exciting prospect! With all your hard work and preparation behind you, the day you receive the keys to your new French house is a defining moment, and you should be proud of yourself. What you need to do now is give yourself time to settle in to everything. It will take time to adjust to your new life in France, so make the most of the process and give yourself time. Moving anywhere is a stressful as well as exciting experience and moving overseas even more so: after all, here is a different culture, different language and there will be a mountain of ways of doing t