Looking at the future for expats after the UK EU Referendum

With just a few weeks left to go before the EU Referendum on June 23rd, the latest polls seem to be showing that the vote is going to be very close indeed. Many expats here in France confess to not being totally aware of what would actually happen if Britain left the EU and there is some evidence to suggest the feeling may be the same for many in the UK.

Do the Brits really enjoy their lives in Spain?

A recent survey of Brits living in Spain heralded very interesting results, suggesting that despite the reputation that they rely on speaking English, only eat British food and only socialise with other Brits, most of those who live there enjoy a very British life. The survey asked people to use one word to describe how they felt about living in Spain and the word “happy” was the most used, while “relaxed” and “content” were also popular. When looking further into the lives of the respondents, the survey revealed that over 50% spoke Spanish with the locals and friends, enjoyed Spanish food, ha