Settling in and making friends in France

You’re all ready to take the plunge. You’ve decided to change your life and your lifestyle. You’ve done the due diligence around practicalities of moving to France but that final nagging doubt suddenly creeps in: How will I cope away from friends and family? How do I go about making friends in France? Here are some tips to help.

Your ten best new friends when you move to Spain

Moving to a new area can be quite daunting so when you decide to change countries, it’s good to know that help is at hand. In Spain particularly you don’t need to find your way through a forest of bureaucracy alone as there are many people here to help smooth the journey for you. Don’t be afraid to ask though as you might appear to be finding your way when, in fact, you would just love someone to clear your path.

Italy’s property market update, summer 2019

What is happening to Italian property prices this summer? All the signs are that international property buyers are rushing to buy Italian properties right now, with the prices starting to rise in our favourite hotspots. And while the old favourites are as popular as ever, new destinations are beginning to appeal. So where are we buying in Italy as we enter summer 2019?