France still popular for Brits

Our nearest neighbour France has been, and by all accounts probably always will be, one of the most popular choices choice for British people buying overseas. There are so many reasons why this is the case and we all have our own ideas when it comes to why we hold France in so much affection.

Life in a French village

There is something about a typically ancient and pretty French village that really appeals to British people buying in France – and other would be expats. It is easy to conjure up a picture in one’s mind of cobbled streets, pretty half-timbered buildings, pavement cafes, hanging baskets, quirky shops and people generally relaxing in the sunshine. This picture represents many villages in France and so many of us yearn to be a part of this. We moved to a small village in the south of France almost seven years ago now – and have never looked back. We are part of the community and find that everyo

Spanish authorities go to war on rentals

Many holiday home buyers factor into their calculations the likely income from renting out the property when they’re not using it, but are not aware that you need the correct licence to do so. That’s an increasingly dangerous game in Spain, as local authorities – in an effort to protect hotels and other official tourist accommodation providers – go to war against private individuals offering holiday rental.

Top tips for renovating your French property

It is fair to say that many British people dream about owning an old French farmhouse brimming with character and original features, preferably with at least some outside space and probably set in a pretty village. Certainly these properties are reasonably easy to find, and there are still some excellent bargains across the country. However, many such properties have been neglected, and may need a complete overhaul – or at best a serious amount of decorating.

UK Stamp Duty good news for Spain

The Spanish property market is on the up, with a welcome boost from second home buyers put off buying in the UK by rising Stamp Duty.

Make an offer, save €33,000

How much should you offer below the asking price? It’s often the most tense and emotional part of a negotiation. You don’t want to offend the vendor, but money is money and why pay over the odds? How much less do most sellers have to accept in Spain anyway?