Buying in France: make it easy on yourself

France Property Guide brings you top tips to stay motivated and buy your dream property in France successfully.   We may live in uncertain times, but France never seems to lose its allure for British people – with many more determined than ever to find their own bolthole in France. Let’s not forget that France is a very big country, with plenty to offer in terms of lifestyle, comfort, beauty, and space. We offer our Top Five Tips for staying on the right track and realising your dream of buying in France.

Gluten Free food in Italy

It is possible to enjoy a healthy Mediterranean diet that is gluten free in Italy. Italians love their food, and are also aware of the connection between health and what they eat. Much of Italian cuisine is based on using fresh local produce as part of the famous Mediterranean diet. An Italian Supermarket chain, Co-op, did a survey of its customers and discovered that 70% of Italians are willing to pay more for all natural foods, 65% are willing to pay more for non-GMO foods and 62% for organic foods.

CNN Singles Out Portugal as a Foodie Destination

There’s much to love about the food in Portugal, as you surely already know if you’re an expat or regular visitor. Now, a new feature from CNN could see more people travel to the country to check out its “foodie” credentials. Food in Portugal generally has a strong reputation, especially among those who enjoy simple cuisine, made with sparkling fresh ingredients.

Your holiday home in France never looked so attractive!

France remains one of the most popular countries in which to invest in a second home, despite the recent EU referendum decision to leave. Our expat on the ground shares her thoughts… Whatever anyone thinks about the result of the EU Referendum, the fact is that the British people’s love of France remains undiminished and indeed there are signs that this is now stronger than ever. France is not only one of the most popular countries in which to buy a second home, but as we come to terms with the full impact of last week’s Referendum, it seems that for many British people, the dream they have al

How to make your weekly shop in France go further

France Property Guides shows you how to shop well and save money Shopping is somehow different in France: there is less of an idea of doing one weekly shop to stock up on everything and much more of a laid back style, seeking out local markets, local small shops, and in our experience far more emphasis on fresh ingredients grown locally. Although “peel off lids” are around in the larger supermarkets, the average French household cooks from scratch, taking full advantage of the lovely fruits, vegetables and herbs which can be found in every supermarket and outdoor market.