Written by Erin Harding,
17th January 2022

Thinking of retiring to Ireland? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that the Emerald Isle was number 12 in the top countries globally to retire to in 2022. So, why did it make the list?

International Living magazine released its 31st Annual Global Retirement Index at the beginning of this year, which considers a number of aspects that make a country great for retirement. The index looks at housing, benefits, visas/residence, fitting in, development, climate, healthcare, cost of living, and more. It is also informed by the real experiences of contributors across the globe.


The index shows that Ireland scored particularly highly for development – higher than most of the countries in the top 10. Development looks at elements such as if you can stream your favourite films, access reliable electricity and make use of an efficient public transport network. Ireland ticks more boxes in this department than the likes of Spain, Portugal or Malta.

The index shows that Ireland scored particularly highly for development – higher than most of the countries in the top 10.

Beautiful scenery

It goes without saying that Ireland is a beautiful place to live. With plenty of green spaces, stunning landscape and many un-touched, rural areas, you won’t have to travel far to access the pretty countryside. If you plan to do lots of walking and outdoor activities, such as golf, in your retirement, then Ireland is a brilliant choice.

Never too far from the coast

Many people like to move near to the sea when they retire and in Ireland, you’re never too far from the coast. The 2000 miles of scenic ocean views on the West coast are a sight to behold and attract many tourists every year.

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The weather

It’s true – Ireland isn’t known for its brilliant weather, especially when measured up against retirement favourites such as Spain or Portugal! However, if you’re a fan of a temperate climate, Ireland is actually a good choice. It never gets too cold thanks to the Gulf Stream; however, you should expect some rain!

Fitting in/entertainment

Ireland also scored well in the fitting in and entertainment category. The category looks at how easy it is to fit in with the local culture, access your home comforts and make friends with others. It also looks at whether there is plenty to do once you’re there. With its wealth of pubs, friendly locals, an abundance of outdoor activities and more, there will be plenty to keep you busy in your retirement.

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