Written by Scarlett Murray,
2nd September 2022

This year, Greece surpassed Italy as Britain’s second most popular holiday destination. But why is it so appealing and how can you make it your forever home?


Greece was Britain’s second favourite holiday destination this year. Why?

Figures produced by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) reveal that 1.33 million Britons opted for a holiday in Greece this summer. Spain continues to be Britain’s number one holiday destination, with over 3.5 million choosing it this year. When compared with the numbers in 2019 – the last “normal” summer – Greece has also seen the least significant drop in numbers, 1.36 million visited in 2019. Italy has been knocked from its pedestal of being the second most popular holiday destination and has seen a significant drop in visitors overall. This year, 979,702 visited compared with 1.70 million in 2019. In terms of aviation, Greece also overtook France, however, many choose to venture to France via ferry, Eurostar, or Eurotunnel.


What is responsible for this trend?

Is this just a question of tastes favouring moussaka over pizza? Feta over mozzarella?

One reason that has been suggested is Greece’s handling of the pandemic. Despite having a large elderly population, they were proactive about listening to the needs of their healthcare system, and prioritising human life. They have also been complimented for their clear guidance for foreigners visiting the country. This has all lead to a building of trust between Greece and holidaymakers.

But let’s get back to moussaka and feta and why Greece is such a wonderous spot.

the Delphi

The Delphi.

The reasons to love Greece:

The climate

Greece has wonderfully hot summers and relatively mild winters. Unlike the UK, you can except warm weather there well into September, and even into October. July is the hottest month with not a single rainy day expected. By the sea, the coastal breeze keeps the sun from feeling relentless.


If you are somebody with an ever-curious mind, then Greece will give and give to you. In ancient times, Greece was called the ‘cradle of civilisation’. If ancient history is your thing, there is the UNSECO world heritage archaeological site of the Delphi and the prehistoric settlement of Akortiri in Santorini. If you have the stamina and drive for adventure, then get your best walking shoes on to explore the Samaria Gorge.


Greece has no shortage of islands, and therefore, no shortage of beaches. At almost 160.00 km, Greece has one of the longest coastlines in the world. Many beaches in Greece also hold a blue flag for cleanness, including: Nea Moudania Beach, Halkidiki. Plenty of beaches are family-friendly with shallow waters and activities like snorkelling and water skiing to keep you and your family entertained for days on end. And for somewhere really special: visit Elafonisi with its pink sands that make it look like paradise.

It is clear why Greece is growing in popularity as a holiday destination. It is also clear that Greece would be a fantastic place to visit not just once, or twice, but multiple times – hey, maybe you could even have a house there?

Let’s take a look at properties in Greece.

Elafonisi beach.

Elafonisi beach: paradise.

Buying in Greece

The great news is that Greece is much more affordable than many of its similarly sunny European counterparts; although, of course, where exactly you’re looking in Greece matters too. On our property portal, we have over 2000 properties to choose from in Greece. Family villas, with three plus bedrooms, usually start at €350,000.

In the popular location of Mykonos, the starting price for a family villa is around €600,000. For this price, you can expect a swimming pool and a beach within walking distance. In Crete, the price decreases to about €400,000. Corfu has a similar price range.

There are also plenty of options for people looking for a one or two bedroom. Sometimes, when looking for somewhere overseas, the only option for those looking for one to two bedrooms is to go for a cramped apartment. But in Greece, there are many one-to-two-bedroom villas with beautiful, white-washed exteriors to choose from.

Overall, Greece can cater to a really vast range of prices. They do opulent homes as well as they do those suited to a tighter budget.

Download our Greece Property Guide for more advice.

Don’t stop at one trip

It is unsurprising that Greece has proven so popular with Brits this holiday season. Greece is a beautiful country with a warm climate and an abundance of culture and beaches. Maybe, it will prove so popular with you that you will want to make it your overseas home.


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