Barcelona is officially the city for Vegetarians

A new initiative has introduced Meat-free Mondays and more vegetarianism as a whole into the city of Barcelona, with the support of the local council. The Spanish are meat lovers; there is no doubt about it. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you are traditionally likely to find problems when looking for food you can eat – unless of course, you specifically seek out one of the few vegetarian restaurants available, usually only in the larger towns and cities.

How much would you pay to dine in at home in Spain?

One of the pleasures that living in Spain offers is the chance to eat out regularly at reasonable prices. Whether you go out with friends for tapas or for a menú del día for lunch, you’ll always find good food that doesn’t cost the earth. If you feel like staying in one evening and cooking yourselves a good meal, though, how much will you have to spend?

Tasting food straight from the sea on the Costa Brava

Catalonia has a culture of its own and at this time of the year it celebrates a small creature which lives in the sea – the sea urchin. For the last 20 years, the town of Palafrugell has organised an important gastronomic event called La Garoinada. Sea urchins have many different names throughout Catalonia, but Palafrugell is the only place that calls sea urchins “garoines.”