Summer Events in Italy

Summer in Italy is full of festivals, concerts, processions and great food. So, join in with the locals and immerse yourself in the tradition and culture. An Italian summer is full of local events, usually involving food and music in the town Piazzas. Be prepared to stay up late to fully enjoy these events which are primarily organised for the locals, who won’t consider coming out until after 9pm, when they eat and take a walk in the cooler evening air. Most of the events have developed from many years of tradition, only to be discovered relatively recently by tourists. Here are five of the bi

The Five Best Restaurants in Cabanas-de-Tavira

Cabanas-de-Tavira, in Portugal’s East Algarve, is an increasingly popular destination for expats and tourists alike. In this article, an expat who spent five years in the area suggests five of his favourite places to eat. Cabanas-de-Tavira may be a small fishing village, but this East Algarve destination transforms into a paradise for tourists over the summer months.

CNN Singles Out Portugal as a Foodie Destination

There’s much to love about the food in Portugal, as you surely already know if you’re an expat or regular visitor. Now, a new feature from CNN could see more people travel to the country to check out its “foodie” credentials. Food in Portugal generally has a strong reputation, especially among those who enjoy simple cuisine, made with sparkling fresh ingredients.

How to make your weekly shop in France go further

France Property Guides shows you how to shop well and save money Shopping is somehow different in France: there is less of an idea of doing one weekly shop to stock up on everything and much more of a laid back style, seeking out local markets, local small shops, and in our experience far more emphasis on fresh ingredients grown locally. Although “peel off lids” are around in the larger supermarkets, the average French household cooks from scratch, taking full advantage of the lovely fruits, vegetables and herbs which can be found in every supermarket and outdoor market.

Making the most of the fabulous French markets

Who can possibly resist the appeal of a good French market? Actually, is there any other kind than “good”?! We love market shopping and it is truly a way of life in France. Most of the people in our village do practically all their shopping in one of the local markets: the food is fresh and almost all of it locally grown, the prices are good, you can socialise at the same time, and you are out in the open, soaking up the atmosphere.

Do the Brits really enjoy their lives in Spain?

A recent survey of Brits living in Spain heralded very interesting results, suggesting that despite the reputation that they rely on speaking English, only eat British food and only socialise with other Brits, most of those who live there enjoy a very British life. The survey asked people to use one word to describe how they felt about living in Spain and the word “happy” was the most used, while “relaxed” and “content” were also popular. When looking further into the lives of the respondents, the survey revealed that over 50% spoke Spanish with the locals and friends, enjoyed Spanish food, ha