Algarve hotspots where you won’t need a car

Who needs the hassle of hiring a car every time they go to their holiday home? Especially with the new need for a Portuguese driving licence. These towns are worth a look, as they all allow you to use the Algarve public transport system from Faro Airport

How to find your Italian interior design style

Italian style can be summed up as understated timeless luxury. Italians make glamour look effortless. They can put a crisp white shirt and jacket with a pair of brand name jeans, and look like a movie star. Whether making clothes or furniture you will find simple stylish lines, quality materials and great workmanship. Italian designers, artists, craftspeople and furniture makers have a passion for what they do.

Update: Spain’s spring property market

On average, every day last year 28 British people bought homes in Spain. Where and what are they buying? As many of us head off to look at Spanish property, where is hot this spring? Read our five fast facts about Spain’s property market this spring.

Buying in Italy, Part Five: Making an Offer

We’re now onto Part Five of our six-part Guide to Buying in Italy, and that means one of the most exciting steps – putting in an offer. You’ve narrowed down your options to your perfect property and you know how you’re going to pay for it, but you need to make sure you’re up on your negotiating skills if you want it go smoothly from here on. Find out how with these seven top tips for making an offer on a house in Italy.

Buying in Italy, Part Four: How To Buy

In Part Four of Buying in Italy, we’re looking at how to buy in Italy. You’ll find out the key players to involve, plus what to consider on the financial side. This can seem complicated, but, with a clear understanding of the process in your head, it should all go smoothly.

Buying in Italy, Part Three: Area Guide

This week, in Part Three of our six-part guide, Buying in Italy, we’re looking at choosing an area. Deciding where to buy in Italy can be difficult – you’re spoilt for choice! Whether you like mountains or rolling hills, cityscape or sea view, Italy has a lot to offer home buyers.