Sally Veall

During her many years in Spain, Sally has moved several times, bought property, sold property, let out an apartment to tourists and currently rents an apartment. She says: "20 years as an expat have taught me many things and given me wonderful experiences, laughter, tears, friends and a very tolerant view of life. I have never regretted it, even in difficult times. I cannot imagine living any differently. I don’t think Brexit will stop people seeking a home in the sun, in fact it may make them all the more determined to find one."

Articles by Sally Veall

Rules of the road in Spain

The Spanish Driving Authority has brought in new rules and restrictions to make Spain’s roads as safe as possible. With summer in full swing, we remind you of the main ways to keep yourself and your family safe on the Spanish roads.

Which Spanish Costa do you love most?

Spain has 5,000 miles of coastline and each stretch has its own particular flavour and lifestyle. So which is the one for you? The cool trendiness of the Costa Brava resorts or the windswept beauty of the Costa de la Luz? The bohemian style of Almeria or the affordable warmth of the Costa Tropical?

Could do better: Spain’s reaction to UK Brexit offer

Spanish Prime Minister gives lukewarm welcome to UK offer to EU citizens in Britain. Also, have you got your energy certificate yet, and there’s a new payment system on Madrid’s Metro (which is bound to cause confusion to tourists!).