Written by Meghan Zuvelek,
23rd November 2017

If you are looking to escape the rat race, but not to just another British enclave, these far-flung locations offer real excitement and a very different way of life.

There are plenty of British expats in Spain, Australia and the USA, and these are wonderful places. But they are not for everyone. If you fancy a life experience somewhere a bit more off the beaten track, these five amazing places offer culture, opportunity and a lower cost of living. A good internet connection might be the only office equipment you need to start working. These five destinations offer that, plus the opportunity for an overseas experience of a lifetime.

You can experience cheap dining, friendly people, cultural richness and stunning natural beauty

Nicaragua, Managua

Nicaragua is a rugged Central American holiday choice for Americans and Canadians and is gaining popularity with the global expat community. If sunshine and an affordable and laid-back lifestyle are important to you, Nicaragua could be just the place. The country’s capital Managua isn’t quite a global metropolis yet, but it’s got everything you would expect from a growing second world city. That means cheap dining, friendly people, insane traffic, cultural richness and stunning natural beauty. Apartments right in the heart of downtown can be rented for as little as £200 a month, and there are some great government programs such as the Retirement Benefit Program, enticing expats and foreign property owners.

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Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town, South Africa

One of the world’s most popular destinations is getting ridiculously affordable due to the depreciation of the Rand. It offers British expats and retirees an excellent place to live, work and enjoy a culturally-rich lifestyle. The scenery surrounding Cape Town will blow your mind, from penguins on the beaches, to the rolling winelands, to Table Mountain in the mist. There is so much to do for fun including wildlife safaris, beaches, surfing, wining and dining, you’ll never be short of activities to keep the senses pumping. Whether working remotely while in Cape Town or for an international corporation based in the city, the experience of living in South Africa will be richly rewarding.

Not only is Skopje fascinating, it is also down right cheap and located centrally in Europe with easy access to many travel hubs.

Skopje, Macedonia

How about living and working in an ancient city dazzling with charm? Not only is Skopje fascinating, it is also downright cheap and located centrally in Europe with easy access to many travel hubs. With a high unemployment rate, you won’t want to be competing for local jobs, but those living as a “digital nomad” or who can tele-commute, Skopje provides an off-the-beaten track location that’s only a three-hour flight from London (direct flights with Wizz Air start from £50). The cost to rent an apartment in the downtown area is about £300 for a two-bedroom flat, and you’ll soon discover a lively expat scene in this quirky Balkan city.


Clean, orderly and inexpensive – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietman (Sean Hsu / Shutterstock.com)


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

There really aren’t many places in the world that offer the same culture shock value at Vietnam. The sea of traffic, fast-paced lifestyle and fusion of sights, smells and textures will have all of your senses spinning. After settling into life in Vietnam you’ll fall in love with the friendly people, exquisite cuisine and modern conveniences. With super high-speed internet, excellent public transport and a pulsating business environment, expats will have a multitude of employment opportunities. Not only will you never be bored with life in the capital Ho Chi Minh City, but your money will go a long way too. The cost of living in Vietnam is cheaper than many of its Asian neighbours, offering all of the delights and conveniences of Asia, but at a heavily discounted price.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Let the romantic charm of Buenos Aires sweep you off your feet. Expats are drawn to this South American capital for its European feel, warm climate and friendly people. A short drive outside of the city you will be met with rugged natural beauty, world-class wine regions and authentic villages. Buenos Aires has a bustling business scene, is a culinary hotspot and is rich with arts and culture. The cost of living in Buenos Aires is significantly less than a touristy European city and is full of expats from around the world.

Why stick to the status-quo when you could have a rich and rewarding overseas experience in places a little off the beaten expat track?

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