Written by Christopher Nye,
16th March 2017

Whatever your interest or favoured lifestyle, there is probably a cheaper option than living in the UK. You could cash in your UK property, buy a home in some of these places and never need work again!

The thought of working less (or not at all), and spending some of the best years of your life in a new country sounds quite idyllic. What if we told you that you could live somewhere amazing, and pay a fraction of the cost of the UK? We have searched and sifted and found these six destinations which offer an amazing quality of life with a cheaper cost of living. If you’re ready to pack your bags and start a life abroad, why not consider these countries as your next destination?

Expats living in Barcelona will find the cost of living is much cheaper than the cost of holidaying there.

Like France, but cheaper

Macedonia offers some of the most affordable dining in Europe, with a lot more dinner for your denar than in France’s swanky, stuck up eateries. Okay, it lags behind Paris on Michelin stars, but this hidden Euro-gem offers cheap living amid breath-taking scenery. Skopje is both the capital of Macedonia and the capital of kitsch, with its outrageous, newly-built neo-classical architecture intended to remind us all that Alexander the Great came from here. But it is the enchanting countryside around that’s truly awe-inspiring. Skopje is only a three-hour flight from London. Expect to pay £240 per month to rent in an upmarket part of the city. If you’re looking to buy, property deals start at £80,000. Being outside the European Union and Eurozone, you can gleefully forget all about Brexit!


Guess where? Seefeld, Macedonia


The cheapest winter golf

If you want to stay in Europe and you love the beach and golf course, Portugal’s Algarve is a much cheaper option than the Costa del Sol or Cote d’Azur. In particular, the small seaside town of Carvoeiro offers a lifestyle full of perfect year-round weather, enchanting history, delicious food and wine, and stunning rocky coastline views. Experience a high-standard of living for a fraction of the price of England and under a three hour flight back to friends and family in the UK (it’s even the same time-zone). One person can live comfortably on £1,000 a month with the average monthly rent costing £600, entertainment £100 and grocery items £125.


Chiang Mai, the affordable East


Inexpensive Far-Eastern lifestyle

Chiang Mai, Thailand. Expats and retirees are flocking to Northern Thailand for its easy lifestyle and low cost of living. For £850 per person a month, expats can enjoy world-class healthcare (the average cost to see a Western doctor is 700baht, about £16), internationally-acclaimed cuisine, stunning architecture and a thriving expat community. Chiang Mai offers some of the best weather in South-East Asia, at the end of a day’s flight from London (via Bangkok) and you can be confident once you establish yourself in Chiang Mai, all of your friends and family will be coming to visit.

Affordable European city living

Barcelona, Spain, might seem like a pricey option if you’ve only been there as a tourist. To live as a local however, it’s reasonable. Barcelona has the cultural and social life to rival London or Paris but at a far lower price and it has a beach too! Expect to pay £1,300 a month, a small price to pay for a life enriched by some of the best galleries, monuments, theatres, museums, shopping and dining in the world. Expats living in Barcelona will find the cost of living is much cheaper than the cost of holidaying there.

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Never leave the beach

The temperature rarely falls below 25ºC in nice and thrifty Nicaragua. It’s like Costa Rica was 20 years ago, with the same stunning natural scenery, friendly people, beautiful coastline and enchanting architecture, yet the cost of living is a fraction of the cost of its southern neighbour. Expats can expect to pay £1,000 per person each month which includes the cost of rent, transport, power, phone, internet, entertainment and food. Property prices also remain affordable in Nicaragua with many incentives for foreign buyers. The relaxed pace of life and stunning year-round climate makes this a popular choice for retirees and expats in 2017.

Winter sun with African affordability

If beaches and sunshine are calling you during the UK’s chilly winter, Cape Town in South Africa is a far more affordable option that the Caribbean. The city is surrounded by natural wonders, including Table Mountain, beaches with penguins (yes, real ones!) and the winelands. It is rich with culture of both the intellectual and cafe style, and full of experiences both active and sedentary. British residents can expect to pay 65% less in living costs than they do at home. The depreciation of the Rand means expats using foreign currency can expect to live a comfortable live in Cape Town. The average cost to rent a two-bedroom apartment downtown is £500 a month, the property market also remains attractive with the average home costing £100,000.

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