Written by Meghan Zuvelek,
13th April 2018

The Great British spring, what a wonderful time of year. Or not if the recent chilly weather is anything to go by, after the Gulf Stream – that warm and swift Atlantic ocean current that keeps Britain from freezing over – dropped to its weakest point in the past 1,600 years. 

Thankfully, many other countries boast springtime’s that are worth travelling across the world for. If you’re looking to relocate overseas, consider these destinations where spring is always a pleasant experience.


After a long hard Canadian winter, where snow and frost are the norm, plants and animals make a majestic return to the landscape during the springtime months. In Vancouver they celebrate this special time of year by holding the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, as the trees burst into spectacular bloom.

In Vancouver they celebrate this special time of year by holding the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

There aren’t many places in the world that experience the seasons as dramatically as Canada. Once winter gives way to blossoms and new life, it isn’t just the natural world that delights in this shift. This blast of vitamin D is long-anticipated by most Canadians and certainly not taken for granted when it arrives. The locals make the most of it by heading off to their cabin by the lake – or renting one – and partaking in all those outdoor activities that make life in Canada so enjoyable: hiking, fishing, mountain biking, horse riding – the list goes on.

New Zealand

Springtime in New Zealand displays nature in all its glory in this already beautiful country. Known as “waterfall season”, this time of year heralds the remergence of beautiful waterfalls which begin to flow again as the snow and ice melts in the mountains. The weather in spring is almost always sunny in most parts of New Zealand, while at higher altitudes on the South Island you can still enjoy time on the slopes shredding some powder.

Remember, being located in the southern hemisphere, New Zealand’s spring occurs between September and December. Get booking those fights now, because travel there tends to be cheaper during this period.


Spring in Japan.


South Africa

Springtime in South Africa – which occurs between September and December – is not only an affordable time to visit, but a great time to partake in outdoor activities thanks to the comfortable temperatures. For example, wildlife viewing in a beautiful South African game reserve is a joy to behold in spring, when newborn animals join us in the world. This is whale watching season too, so head anywhere between Hermanus and Port St. Johns to get a glimpse of these amazing creatures. Other fun springtime activities in South Africa include wine tasting and fruit picking.

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Cherry blossoms in bloom define a Japanese spring, with some of the most beautiful displays of these flowers – known in Japan as sakura – anywhere in the world. Marvelling at cherry blossoms in springtime is a Japanese tradition, with the national weather forecast even including a blossom forecast. Sapporo, capital of the mountainous northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, is the best place to experience this natural wonder, and while you’re there it’s also a great time of year to enjoy the famous Sapporo Beer Museum.

Cherry blossoms in bloom define a Japanese spring.

The Canary Islands

Set in the cool blue waters of the Atlantic, the Canary Islands boasts a comfortable springlike climate for twelve months of the year. It’s no wonder they’re nicknamed the “Fortunate Isles”. When spring officially arrives in late March the islands become carpeted in a wave of colours as almond trees, houseleeks, cinerarias, buglosses and brooms bloom come to life.

There are seven islands to discover in all, and what better time to do it than spring before the tourist crowds return? Within their diverse shores you’ll find sweeping golden sand beaches, volcanic landscapes, tropical forests, snow-capped mountains and of course coastal resorts.

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