What’s coming up in Portugal in 2020?

Portugal’s had a fantastic 2019, with plenty of great developments for anyone looking to move or invest here, and this looks set to continue this year. Here’s our round-up of the best of 2019, and what to expect if you’re buying a property in Portugal in 2020.
The benefits of fractional ownership

The benefits of fractional ownership

For some buyers abroad, there are huge benefits to owning a share in several properties rather than all of one. For others, the benefits of fractional ownership have been obscured by memories of mis-sold time shares. It’s time to look at a new generation of co-ownership, where the benefits have been kept and the risks removed. So why should you be considering fractional ownership?

News update: Post-Brexit agreement on expat rights, best beaches and economic growth

In the news from Spain this week there are some very encouraging statistics about the economy and employment. British residents will be happy with an agreement between the UK and Spain post-Brexit and we say goodbye to one Euro bank note. If you’re a bit of a beach bunny, good news: ours are some of the best in Europe. Daily flights from Málaga to the Big Apple open a new route to overseas buyers.

What’s in store for the New Zealand property market in 2019?

While prices grew consistently in many parts of the country, it was finally a different story in Auckland and Christchurch, where prices actually declined over the course of the year. It seems measures imposed by the Labour government to control prices may have worked! So, what can we expect from the New Zealand property market in 2019?

What’s next for the Irish property market in 2019?

Looking back on 2018, the Irish property market could characterised by growing prices across the board and many people hoping to buy, but facing strict lending conditions from the Central Bank. Today, we’re providing an update on how the Irish market is performing currently, as well as providing some insight into the year ahead.

Italy property market update: overseas buyers snap up rural homes

I’ve often said that Italians think we’re a bit crazy with our love of buying old, rural homes in need of restoration. Well, the figures bear it out, with Italians largely preferring to purchase in cities and rural homes attracting overseas buyers. So what’s next for the Italian property market in 2019? What are prices like and what trends are there?