News update: Property tax breaks, steady house price growth and deal on Montijo airport

Happy New Year from our Vilamoura office! As the sun shines on us (yes, in January), we’ve got a great crop of news for you out of Portugal this year. New tax breaks for those renting out properties have been announced – good news for investors! Average house prices are continuing their steady rise, while the word on the ground is that a deal is set to be sealed on Montijo Airport next week. Also next week, the Foreign Minister will announce his plans for a no-deal Brexit.

News update: ‘Gladiator’ home for sale on Property Guide’s portal

If that avenue of cypress trees in the picture below looks familiar, it’s because this is a house with a special connection. Remember Maximus from Gladiator‘s home? Well, this is it – and it’s up for sale on our portal! And if you’re not entertained by that, we’ve got a bumper week of further good news, including guarantees to protect British citizens’ rights from the Italian government, strong house price growth and new Your Overseas Home dates announced for this year.

News update: Spain to protect expat voting rights

As we approach the end of 2018, two subjects remain firmly in the news as they did back in January: Brexit and Catalonia. However, there is good news. No matter what happens with Brexit, Spain and the UK have agreed to pass a law protecting expats’ voting rights in Spain and the UK. Plus, there’s lots of exciting developments on the horizon, including a €27 million investment not far from our office in Mijas. Good news too for drivers: motorway toll cuts!