Buying off-plan in Spain: How to rectify construction problems

If you’re dreaming of a home in Spain, but you can’t find the one you want, or it doesn’t fit your budget, buying off-plan could be the answer. Essentially, this means buying a property that’s either not yet built or still in the process of being built, as opposed to an older property (known as a “resale”).
Is this the future of property exhibitions?

Is this the future of property exhibitions?

A virtual property exhibition is the perfect launchpad for your plans, with all the benefits and none of the hassles of an old-style event. For answers to your questions about buying abroad, plus useful contacts, they’re a great first step to a successful overseas property purchase.

Buying in Cyprus after the pandemic and post-Brexit

With the easing of travel restrictions, we can now easily hop on a plane to visit and purchase properties in Cyprus. But what will we find there? What’s changed since the pandemic and the end of the Brexit transition period?

The proposed new rental law in Spain

The Spanish housing market appears to be recovering from the pandemic. According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), home sales in August reached their highest level since Spain’s 2007 ‘housing market boom’. And, despite the impact of Brexit and the introduction of the new 90-day rule, the British are still the largest foreign group buying Spanish property.

Your area guide to Crete

The enchanting island of Crete is the Greek destination of choice for many international buyers. When asked why, many tell tales of the picturesque landscapes, gorgeous beaches, interesting history and friendly locals.