Sally Veall

Born in London but having spent many of her younger years between the UK and Tuscany, Sally gained a taste living abroad at an early age. Having gained her A-levels, she “fell” into journalism, which saw her work as a freelance before changing career direction and studying interior design. She speaks several languages: French, Italian and Spanish which became useful when she moved to northern France in 1996 because of her husband’s work. There she helped him as a translator and also had her own business renovating and decorating rural houses for people from the UK and The Netherlands. In 2000 she moved to south-west France and re-established her property career, often working with Notaires as an independent translator for English-speaking clients. In 2006 she moved to Catalonia in Spain, again due to her husband’s work. At that time she had very little Spanish but quickly learnt it and also attended the local adult college to gain a basic understanding of Catalan. To begin with, she continued to renovate and decorate properties but then an opportunity arose in 2010 to return to writing and since then she has worked for the SpainBuyingGuide as the resident copywriter and freelances for other online websites. She says her aim is to tell the truth about moving to another country and to ease the way for new arrivees. With over 25 years’ experience as a “foreigner living abroad” she understands the joys and hardships of making a new life in another country. Books: Richmond, Surrey, As it Was. 1976  Historical and Archeological Section of the Richmond Society. (John Cloake, John Wright and Sally Albrecht (Veall).) Property:  Spain Buying Guide. Resident copywriter since 2010. Interior Design: Owner of Salvia Decor, Salisbury Wiltshire. Showroom/interior design. Working independently in France from 1996 to 2006 and in Spain from 2007 to 2010.

Articles by Sally Veall

Good news from Spain this January

As a new year begins, we look at some of the news from Spain. Much of it is on the positive side as it appears the country is faring quite well in these difficult times.

5 Reasons Spain is still a wonderful place to call home

The end of the year is often a time of reflection. Our expat writer, Sally Veall, looks back on 2022 and writes of why, despite some turbulence this year, she is still very happy to be living in Spain. Here are five reasons why Spain is the place to be.

Watch out: British residents need a Spanish driving licence

As a result of Brexit, British expats need a Spanish driving licence. Although this problem was meant to be solved, it has not been. British expats await updates from Hugh Elliot, the British Ambassdor to Spain and Andorra. In the meantime, our expat writer, Sally Veall, shares how the issue of needing a Spanish driving licence is impacting British residents.