Sally Veall

During her many years in Spain, Sally has moved several times, bought property, sold property, let out an apartment to tourists and currently rents an apartment. She says: "20 years as an expat have taught me many things and given me wonderful experiences, laughter, tears, friends and a very tolerant view of life. I have never regretted it, even in difficult times. I cannot imagine living any differently. I don’t think Brexit will stop people seeking a home in the sun, in fact it may make them all the more determined to find one."

Articles by Sally Veall

Could you live near a water park in Spain?

Thanks to Spain’s glorious climate, one can enjoy water parks for most of the year. When you’ve had enough of days on the beach, they are very popular places to entertain the family, so living close to one is a bonus.

5 places to buy close to the centre of Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the world’s top tourist destinations owing to its unique location and architectural style, its culture and beaches. Prior to 1992 the city was somewhat in poor shape but when it was chosen to host the Olympic Games that year, a great refurbishment took place, making it a modern, vibrant city which today is not only a centre of tourism but where numerous foreign companies have set up offices.

A home in Andalusia’s Golden Triangle

Andalusia covers almost the entire bottom quarter of Spain. Moreover, for many it’s the “real” Spain, of flamenco, tapas, the Alhambra, lilting guitars and fighting bulls, and, of course, the Costa del Sol.

Decorating your Spanish home

So, you’ve found your perfect Spanish home. The chances are you will want to decorate it to reflect your tastes. But how would you go about it and where can you find inspiration? Our Spanish writer Sally, who also happens to be a retired interior designer, gives us her top tips for decorating your Spanish home…

Spain: update on the current coronavirus situation

The question everyone is asking, both in Spain and abroad, is when will we be able to travel again with the minimum of restrictions? The hospitality industry here is suffering tremendously. The Spanish government has just announced an €11 billion aid package for small businesses in the tourism sector and for bars and restaurants to help them survive before Spain welcomes back tourists.