What’s it like moving to Spain as a single person?

Spain attracts people from all over the world for a variety of reasons: retiring in the sun, coming for work, giving the family a new change. Others still are taking the leap and moving to Spain as a single person! If you’re thinking of doing just this, what can you expect? How can you fit in and meet people – and what’s the dating scene like?

News update: Post-Brexit agreement on expat rights, best beaches and economic growth

In the news from Spain this week there are some very encouraging statistics about the economy and employment. British residents will be happy with an agreement between the UK and Spain post-Brexit and we say goodbye to one Euro bank note. If you’re a bit of a beach bunny, good news: ours are some of the best in Europe. Daily flights from Málaga to the Big Apple open a new route to overseas buyers.

How does holiday home insurance in Spain work?

Renting out a holiday home when you’re not using it is a fantastic way to earn a second income stream, but it needs careful planning. Most guests are respectful, but you can occasionally run into someone who causes problems – which is why holiday home insurance in Spain is so important. But what does it cover, and how much does it cost?

What is Spanish healthcare like?

We are often asked about state Spanish healthcare. Is it any good? Are there long waiting lists? What if I don’t speak Spanish? Are the doctors and nurses helpful? What about serious operations? Well, let me put your minds at rest by telling you that Bloomberg’s latest report on world healthcare places Spain at No 3 for efficiency of patient care and 8th of 195 countries for patient care. That’s above France at no 88 and the UK at no 30. Statistics are all well and good but what is the health service in Spain really like? I have lived 12 years in Catalonia and unfortunately have had to call up