Richard Way

Richard Way has been an influential and independent voice on all aspects of buying overseas property for over 15 years. He was editor of A Place In The Sun magazine, has edited books on buying in Spain, is a regular on the panel at Your Overseas Home, has appeared on the BBC and helped the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on expat matters. Richard is a property owner on the Costa Brava, Spain, and in Puglia.

Articles by Richard Way

Italy’s property market update, summer 2019

What is happening to Italian property prices this summer? All the signs are that international property buyers are rushing to buy Italian properties right now, with the prices starting to rise in our favourite hotspots. And while the old favourites are as popular as ever, new destinations are beginning to appeal. So where are we buying in Italy as we enter summer 2019?

Florida property market update, summer 2019

The Sunshine State’s success as a tourist destination is breaking yet more records. It’s all good news for Florida’s property market in summer 2019 too. Refreshingly detached from the Brexit saga and enjoying booming levels of tourism, Florida is an exciting place to be property-hunting right now. If you’ve always been tempted by a Disney home, here’s why 2019 is the time to make it happen!
Why you can enjoy a healthier retirement abroad

Why you can enjoy a healthier retirement abroad

Have you heard: 60 is the new 40? It certainly is for our readers, who see retiring abroad as the chance to enjoy themselves after a well-earned career. They’re more likely to be running half-marathons than playing bowls. More likely to be learning a new language, making new friends and taking up a new outdooorsy hobby than watching daytime TV and wrapping up warm in the UK. Here is why moving to the sun is your chance for a relaxing, healthy retirement abroad.

Why it’s time to go silly for Sicily!

Sicily is grabbing headlines again with deserted village homes being offered for the price of an espresso. But actually, this zingy Italian island has always been cheaper than much of the mainland, adding to the appeal of its colourful lifestyle, picturesque towns and scenic coast. Check out these five bargain bolt-holes…
The books that will inspire you to live abroad!

The books that will inspire you to live abroad!

From My Family and Other Animals, to A Year in Provence and Under The Tuscan Sun, many of us have been inspired to move abroad by wonderful words. So take a dip into our reading list of inspirational books. Why not push one or two towards a significant other who’s proving reluctant to follow your own dreams of life in the sun too!