Bethany Hemsley

Bethany is a writer who has enjoyed Spain and Spanish property for many years. She and her family have owned a property in Mazarrón in the Costa Cálida since 2003, so she offers great, personal advice on buying property abroad. She is a keen traveller, having Interrailed across Europe and toured many US states, including Michigan, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Florida and California. She loves exploring new places and meeting people from different cultures. Publications written for include Rightmove, Care Home Management Magazine, What's New in Publishing, Luxury Advisor and Property Press. She has also been featured in the Daily Express.

Articles by Bethany Hemsley

A postcard from Corfu

Exactly a year ago, Corfu property specialist Diane returned from London to Corfu, knowing that there was some sort of virus beginning to spread. Heathrow seemed to have normal passenger volume, but Athens airport was very quiet and shortly after her return, Greece went into its first lockdown. There were no UK incoming flights to Corfu’s regional airports until July. 

Portugal’s Golden Visa: invest your way to residency

If you want to live in Portugal post-Brexit, some things have changed. British people are now considered “third-country nationals” in EU member states. This means that we no longer have freedom of movement within the Schengen zone and can only spend 90 days there, within a 180-day period.

GHIC: Your post-Brexit healthcare in Portugal

Planning on travelling to Portugal once things get better? Brexit has raised a lot of questions, but thankfully, there is one less thing to worry about now: healthcare. Introducing the GHIC…