Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor moved to Portugal with his wife in 2009, after failing in love with the Algarve several years before. He launched a blog, movingtoportugal, to document his experiences, which gained unexpected momentum and evolved into the popular “Moving to Portugal” book.   Ben has written about Portugal for several outlets, including A Place in the Sun, and That particular job was particularly inspiring as it involved documenting train journeys across the country! Ben is also a keen foodie, and has reviewed restaurants for local magazines and websites.   Ben currently lives in south east England with his wife and two young sons, but retains close ties to Portugal, with several family members located in the East Algarve. In 2017 he founded, an advice site for aspiring home workers, after learning all about the world of home working from making a freelance living from Portugal. His advice on freelancing and remote working has appeared in many well-known publications, including The Huffington Post, Metro, USA Today and Business Insider.

Articles by Ben Taylor

Living in peace in Portugal

It’s no secret that Portugal is popular with tourists. No doubt you fell in love with its charms on a trip of your own. But once you own a home there you’ll probably want to escape the crowds once summer’s in full swing. Here are some tips to help you achieve a bit of peace and quiet.

Five great books about Portugal

Want to learn more about Portugal? Here a five great reads that delve into the country’s fascinating history, provide an expats view of living there and offer an amusing insight into the locals unique traits.

A perfect day in Tavira

An expat who lived in Tavira and the surrounding area for several years suggests a perfect day in this appealing East Algarve city.