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19th January 2017

Researching places to retire abroad? Latin America is gaining popularity with adventurous retirees around the globe. Here are the top places to retire.


Each year more and more retirees from around the world are moving to Latin America due to the cheap cost of living, warm tropical climate and laidback lifestyle. Some countries in Latin America have incentives for retirees and many that move there report experiencing a higher quality of life. If you’ve ever wondered what retirement would be like in Central or South America, read on. Here we’ve outlined the top countries for retirees in Latin America and why there is no time better than now to plan your retirement in this part of the world.

Expats have the same property rights as Nicaraguans, while the cost of living is a fraction of that in the USA or northern Europe.


There is nothing but progress happening in Nicaragua and life for retired expats gets easier every day as a result. The beach-side town of San Juan Del Sur, famous for its surf and foodie scene, has been attracting expats for many years now. Matagalpa, a small city in Northern Nicaragua, is famous for producing internationally acclaimed coffee and is home to expat retirees from around the world. Buying property and starting a business in Nicaragua is straight-forward. When purchasing property expats have the same title rights as Nicaraguans, while the cost of living is a fraction of that in the USA or northern Europe. The average couple can live in Nicaragua on £1,300 a month, while expat business-owners report similar profits to those they could earn in their home country.


For diverse culture, a comfortable climate and an affordable cost of living, Colombia is an ideal retirement destination. The country offers an excellent healthcare system, gorgeous scenery and the people are welcoming and friendly to foreign residents. The cost to rent an upscale three-bedroom high rise apartment is about £1,000 a month. Travelling around is cheap and easy.


Colombia is an ideal retirement destination


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a safe and stable country – they don’t even see the need for an army – that is famous for its stunning natural surroundings. Attracting expats for three decades or more, people choose Costa Rica as a retirement haven due to its laid back and easy pace of life, friendly and welcoming culture and ease of settlement. The motto of the nation is Pura Vida which means, “life is good”. This is the overall feel of the country and how people tend to approach each day. Those wishing to live in Costa Rica long-term can apply for a pensionado visa, which requires a pension income of just £800 a month; this visa also allows a dependant spouse. Expats can live comfortably on £1,600 to £2,500 a month.


Retirees in Ecuador over the age of 65 are eligible for several benefits including discounted flights, 50 percent off movie tickets and sporting events, and 50 percent discounts on public transport and utilities. The cost of living in Ecuador is around £1,300 a month, so retiring in Ecuador is extremely affordable. The main cities expats choose to retire in are Quito, Cuenco and Salinas. Expats report finding it extremely easy settling into their new life in Ecuador, with friendly and warm locals and solid expat communities already in place.

Retirees in Ecuador over the age of 65 are eligible for several benefits including 50 percent discounts on public transport and utilities


With a modern infrastructure and programmes in place for retirees, many British expats are choosing Panama as a place to settle down and retire. Worried how you’ll stay in touch with the kids at home? Don’t worry – Panama has the best internet coverage in the world. The warm climate and friendly locals in Panama are a bonus. Retirees can look forward to savings between 10 and 50 percent on travel, healthcare, hotels, restaurants and more. Choose from a life in a world-class city, on a coral rimmed beach or in cool forests. All this and more can be found within the borders of stunning Panama.


Your retirement property in Panama?



Mexico is consistently rated one of the best retirement destinations for expats. This modern country is diverse, with retirement options ranging from the bustling Mexico City to the laid-back yet sophisticated Baja region and the relaxing and culturally exquisite Riviera Maya. Expats can qualify to retire in Mexico by showing proof of retirement income or assets. The cost of living in Mexico can be as cheap as £1,000 a month and property is getting more affordable with the decline of the peso. In many parts of Mexico, English is widely spoken and their healthcare and transportation systems are top-notch. Those choosing Mexico as a place to retire will enjoy exotic-sophistication, convenient and seamless living and warm climate for most of the year.

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