These handy worksheets are an easy way for you to keep all of the important information you gather on your viewing trip. Print them off, take a pen along with you and simply use the spaces provided for your notes and thoughts.

Viewing Trip Worksheets

These worksheets will help you to:

  Set out the objectives for your trip
  Keep notes on your favourite properties
  List all of the costs, prices and feeds involved
  Tick off each question in a simple checklist

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I got the keys to my villa at the start of December 2015, after viewing properties in the September. I found a reliable estate agent and currency specialist in advance of my viewing trip, thanks to help from the guide and Resource Centre. I arranged to view six properties with a local agent – it was actually my first time ever in this part of the country! The second property I viewed was a villa that I’d already spotted online – I decided I wanted it as soon as I viewed it. Not long after, the sale of my three bedroom semi-detached property in Warwickshire went through, so everything fell into place for my move abroad.

Paul Essex

Viewing Trip Guide reader who moved to Spain

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We provide a number of free resources to help you before, during and after your property viewing trip. From a range of dedicated country buying and property guides, to connecting you to reputable professionals in advance of your trip to view properties, we have the experience and knowledge to support you as you make the journey to buy your home abroad. When you have downloaded and made use of the Viewing Trip Guide, we will continue to keep you updated with regular news and information on buying property overseas, as well as relevant updates on your country of choice. For readers of our dedicated Viewing Trip Guide, we also offer detailed worksheets that you can complete during your viewing trip.

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The UK Resource Centre team are here to help throughout the whole process of buying your overseas property, from sharing tips and advice from others who have moved abroad, to answering the most commonly asked questions, to connecting you to recommended financial and property experts, who can help you achieve the dream of buying your perfect property.

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