Every year around 300,000 British citizens leave the UK to live abroad. And every year, around 200,000 British people return too.

For most, the reasons for returning to the UK are entirely positive. They’ve enjoyed a working life or early retirement in a new place and are returning to the familiarity of home. They’ve been there and done that.

Returning to the UK after living abroad can be exciting. But to make the move as smooth and hassle-free as possible there are many things to take into consideration before you return.

This guide is a checklist of the things that needs to be addressed before and after you come home.

Our brand-new guide covers registering for healthcare and pensions, renting or buying a home in Britain, tax, driving, bringing your possessions – and your pets! – home with you, and so much more.

We also look at new ways of retiring, in friendly and welcoming retirement communities.

If you’re ready for a return to the UK, or have loved ones abroad considering it, please download your free guide.

Returning to the UK Guide cover

Our brand-new guide is a checklist of the things that needs to be addressed before and after you come home.

It covers:

✔  Registering for healthcare and pensions
✔  Renting or buying a home in Britain
✔  What you need to do about tax
✔  Driving licences and claiming free travel
✔  Bringing your possessions – and your pets! – home with you 
✔  And so much more

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How can the UK Property Guide help you?

The UK Property Guide is designed to support you through every stage of the British property buying process. From how to get started, to finding an estate agent, to covering all the important legal and financial considerations, our experts are here to share valuable advice and to help you every step of the way.

We have created the UK Property Guide to help highlight the potential pitfalls of buying in the UK and to ensure that our readers can buy their dream home in Britain safely, without wasting time and money like many would-be homebuyers before them.

Over the last ten years, we have built up a network of trusted experts to provide independent, factual guidance on all aspects of buying property in and moving to the UK. Our experts have been talking to homebuyers in the UK and helping them to buy their property safely for a number of years. We are at the other end of the telephone at our Resource Centre to answer any questions and support our readers throughout the property buying process.

Our experts are trusted by well-known media such as Rightmove Overseas and the Property-TV to provide information and guidance about buying overseas property. They are regularly quoted in the media on the issues that really matter to people buying property and starting a new life overseas.

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